Our Services

WEST 1 provides the best and most comprehensive services for an unforgettable exchange experience. Offering personalised services, we support students in every step of their exchange trip.


Studying abroad, apart from improving a person’s language skills and enhancing their academic and professional background, is a unique experience that will enrich students culturally, and provide a learning experience that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
WEST 1 acts as a representative for several Australian, New Zealander and Canadian educational institutions offering English, vocational and university (undergraduate, postgraduate and Master’s degree) courses.

Flight Tickets

WEST 1 offers various flight options and fares for those travelling to Australia, New Zealand and Canada.



WEST 1 recommends that students book a homestay in their first few weeks in the new country, as the support provided by the host family will be invaluable for helping them adapt to the new culture. Having first-hand experience of how a local family lives, and improving language skills are some of the benefits of this accommodation option.

Share Houses

This is a great option for more independent students, particularly those who are already familiar with the country and the city where they will live, and have some knowledge of the local language.

Backpackers’ Hostels

Hostels are recommended for short stays. The accommodation is basic, with few luxuries. This accommodation option is great for people travelling around the country. Hostels usually have a relaxed atmosphere, and are popular with young travellers.

Airport Transfer

Airport transfer is door-to-door transport from the airport to your accommodation – giving you peace of mind for when you arrive in the country.
Knowing that someone will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate will help reduce the nervousness a little.
Travel Insurance

WEST 1 provides you with more safety and peace of mind in case of unforeseen incidents.
Our international travel insurance offers full coverage throughout the exchange program, and can be purchased by travellers with any type of visa for the respective country.

* Compulsory Health Cover for Australia

Some countries require a specific health cover for international students – this is the case of Australia, which requires an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) plan. Overseas students must register with and pay for an OSHC plan in their country of origin, before coming to Australia. In most cases, payment of the health cover plan can be made together with the payment of the course chosen. As of 1st July 2010, the Australian government has stipulated that international students must have OSHC covering the entire duration of their student visa.

100% Support

The personalised service provided by WEST 1 ensures that students will be provided with support in all phases of their exchange experience. With this in mind, we have created the 100% Support service, which covers important aspects, giving students peace of mind and ensuring they enjoy their experience to the full.

1) Tips about the country and the city, the course, the local transport system, the society, gastronomy, and more – everything the student needs to know about the destination and the course;
2) A briefing, prior to departure, to ensure the student has all documents they need and is confident to embark on their journey;
3) Workshops and talks;
4) Parties and events;
5) Support in the application for student, tourist or work visas;
6) Tips on finding work to complement the exchange experience. We distribute a list with available positions in our branches, fan page and groups we participate in on social media.