I’m from the interior of the state of São Paulo. After finishing my Degree in Tourism, I decided to travel and live abroad for a while. Australia was my chosen destination and it was a breathtaking experience, because of its natural beauty, culture and lifestyle, and the opportunity to learn to live and “survive” far from home. It was a valuable growing experience that was worth the effort of being far from those we love, and who become even more special than we imagined.

After returning to Brazil I moved to the city of São Paulo; it was there that I began working for WEST 1 and Australia became part of my life again. After 3 years working in São Paulo, I got the chance to go back and live in Australia and work for WEST 1 in Sydney for 4 years before returning to Brazil to run WEST 1 São Paulo.

Since the beginning of my experience in this incredible country, I have always felt happy to talk about Australia and to have the opportunity to help other people have this marvellous experience.



My name is Eliane, known as Eli. I was born in Sorocaba, in the interior of Sao Paulo. When I was 16, I decided to travel to Oceania, and visited for the first time the amazing New Zealand on a six-month exchange program. Since then, my connection with that country has become so strong that, eight years later, I was hired to work at the number one agency specialising in exchange programs to Australia and New Zealand - WEST 1!

Today, I am part of the team at WEST 1 Campinas, and now I share my experience with students, offering the best educational consulting services that they need, when visiting one of these wonderful countries.

Our team is ready to help you.