Cintia AntunesEducational Consultant


I am Cintia, born in Paraná, but gaúcha since I was nine years old. I come from Vera Cruz/RS. My journey began in Australia in 2010, when I decided to come here to study English at the invitation of my sister, Viviane. My first city was Melbourne, and I lived there for two years. Then moved to Perth and that has been already four years and hence do not intend to leave so early. In these many years in Australia, I learned a lot. I grew up, matured, turned real woman. The experience that I live every day makes me be sure I made the right choice. And more .. ..I didn’t choose AUS to live, AUS chose me!

Working with exchange satisfies me every day. Mainly because, beyond taking care of people’s dream”, this job gives you the opportunity to help them whatever the situation is. Helping students and the Brazilian community goes beyond reaching goals. It’s the giving, sharing, exchanging and making sure we do good things, good things will always come back to us.

Viviane AntunesRegional Director


I am Vivi, and although not gaucha from birth, I grew up in Rio Grande do Sul and came from a town called Santa Cruz do Sul. When I decided to embark on this journey of coming to live in Australia, I chose Melbourne to live, but in the course of years, I realized I needed fresh air and so today I live in Perth, the city I chose and can now call “home”.

I have a degree in Computer Science and numbers have always been an attraction for me. I work as a project manager for many years and in parallel to my career in IT, administer the agency WEST 1 Perth.

I am a very transparent person and love new adventures and especially traveling. The cuisine of a country is something that facinates me, because I love to try diferente things in the kitchen. I am married and have a beautiful little boy that fills me with joy every day.

Come to Australia was the best decision of my life, I love this country as if it was mine, and I recommend to all those who like me, one day want to adventure into the Kangaroo land.

Cintia LongoEducational Consultant


Hello, I’m Cintia and I arrived in Australia in 2014 with my husband and my brother.

I’m from Sao Bernardo do Campo - Brazil, graduated in Mathematics, post-graduated in Financial Management & Controlling and specialized in Investment Analysis.

My life has always been driven by travelling, I think among the things I love the most, traveling is in the first place. In 2008 I’ve done my first exchange in Vancouver - Canada.

It was an incredible experience and after that my husband and I (at that time boyfriend) started making plans to study abroad. Even because we had lost many great job opportunities because we didn’t speak English fluently.

My husband always wanted to come to Australia and after researching a lot we decided that Perth would be our city, since we wanted to get away from the bustle of Sao Paulo and we have received great recommendations about the good quality of life here.

In 2014, we came to study English for 5 months, but as soon as we stepped in, I fell in love with the city, and on the first day I made plans to stay longer than planned.

It was the best decision of my life !! Here in Australia we rediscover ourselves and learn to believe in our dreams until they come true. I am very grateful to be able to live in an amazing city like Perth!!!

When I got here, the agency that received me with open arms was WEST 1 and after 4 years I had the pleasure of joining the team and being part of the team WEST 1 Perth. Having this contact with the students, helping them draw the future, giving tips and sharing my own experience is incredible. My main goal is to encourage people to believe in themselves and in their dreams ... and all of us at WEST 1 are here to help your dream come true!!

Phil FreitasEducational Consultant


I’m Phil, a 90’s young man full of plans and dreams for the future! 

Born in Sao Bernardo do Campo – Sao Paulo, Graduated in Marketing.

I have always dreamed about living in another country, didn’t know exactly where, but the idea has always been fixed in my mind.

After some researches about where to go, my wife (girlfriend back then) and I, have decided: Australia it is!

We arrived in Perth in May/2013 and since we got here, only wonderful things has happened for us!

On my first week here I got a job as waiter on a Café shop in the city, in two weeks I became Barista and after a month I was the Café manager. Everything happened really fast.

I believe that “nothing happens by chance”, and here in Australia I started to believe it even more. Every time something “bad” happened, it turns out to be something “great” at the end! That’s how I became a Student Counsellor at WEST1.

Work with costumer’s services is my passion, I love the interaction with other people, sharing information, giving advices and have the opportunity to help the students to guide their future is priceless!

I’m also still working as Barista on weekends because that’s something I love to do as well!

I think the best thing of living in Australia is that even when we’re busy, we can still manage some time to do things that you enjoy! My favourite hobbies are… hum… I like cooking, go to the gym, playing table tennis, riding my motorbike, playing guitar and of course, at least once a month I like to have a BBQ with friends!

Life in Australia is awesome mate!

So, if you are reading this and thinking about embark in a new journey, go for it!

I’m not saying only to Australia, but anywhere you want to go! If you have your mind set and open for new challenges, doesn’t matter where you are, you will succeed!



You will probably find my name (Iago or Lago) on this website as a student or as a visa specialist I am now studying in Perth. I’ve been travelling since I was two years old when my family moved from Saloa/PE to Valinhos/SP. I completed a bachelor degree in Marketing and afterwards decided to work onboard of a European cruise ship for 9 months. After a year back home a big dream became true, I was invited to work in the city of Sao Paulo. This was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I was able to help a few hundred people to realise their dreams. I decided that it would be helpful to improve my English, so I could be a better professional.

I would like to emphasise how awesome it is to be studying here. I love learning English every day, I still have some troubles but I will get keep improving and I will be able to return to Brazil as a better professional.

What???? Yup, I am just a temporary resident here. I hope to go back home but until that happens I will keep enjoying the opportunity to study in Perth.

Bianca SilveiraPublic Relations


Hello! My name is Bianca Silveira, I’m Brazilian, Gaucha with great pride!

Almost 5 years ago (2014), I decided to quit my job in one of the best companies to work in the World, where I was part of the team for 6 years, to embark on this adventure called Exchange.

I did my entire visa process with WEST 1 in Brazil, and when I arrived in Perth, I was received with great care and affection ... I felt really welcomed, and my love for the agency started from the first sight!

Initially, my plan was to spend only 6 months here in Australia, studying English so that I could go back to Brazil and seek a leadership position in the same company in which I had resigned. But the unexpected (at least for me ...) happened ... I fell in love with life in Perth! And for all the security, quality of life, friends I made and the weather! Perth has 300 days of sunshine a year!

My background in Brazil was in International Business, and here in Australia I studied Marketing and Business.

I have been working in sales and marketing for 15 years, and I am passionate about people!

My biggest motivation is really making a difference in people’s lives, they can be my friends, relatives or clients.

What I like to do in my day off is go to the beach, even in the winter, read a good book in the company of good wine and to cook! Receiving friends at home for dinner, is for sure the best part of my day ...

I am very happy to be part of WEST 1 Team, and I hope to contribute a lot with my experience, but I also hope to learn a lot from everyone who cross by my way ...