A Brazilian, a “Paulistana”, from ZL! (Zona Leste - East Zone of São Paulo). Happy, a dreamer, loyal, I love animals, I enjoy travelling, above all I love to be with my family and friends; that’s how I like it, everything together and mixed up. I am determined and I don’t give up on my goals. I began working at a very young age and thanks to that, I’ve always had opportunities to do whatever I wanted to do!

I travelled to Europe when I was 18 years old. After realising that I couldn’t communicate with anyone I decided I needed to learn English!

In Australia, after many challenges, homesickness, and many other different emotions, today, after nearly three years, I’ve chosen the right place to live and who knows, to raise my future children.

Working at WEST 1 has given me the opportunity to be more sympathetic, to deal with people and to be part of the dreams of each of the students I talk to every day!



I’m Ju, a typical “Paulistana” (a person from São Paulo) living in Sydney. I came to Australia to study English for five months and then return to Brazil in time for Carnival. Three years later I’m still here… I arrived here alone, without any idea of how things were going to be. After all this time I have become a friend, sister, mother and daughter. I have taken care of and been taken care of; once I got lost in the city and was made fun of because I couldn’t speak English; and I’ve taught Australians to speak some words in Portuguese.

The best part of my journey was that it was not limited to learning a new language. I’ve done things that I never imagined I was capable of doing. I’ve met incredible people and been to places that have led me to be more and more passionate about Australia.

This is why I am at WEST 1 with open arms to help all our students to have an unforgettable exchange experience!

Camila MendesBrazilian Education Counsellor


My name is Camila, I’m from São Paulo - Mooca. When I decided to go to college I wanted to do something in which I could help and participate in people’s dreams in the best way, I graduated in tourism and started my career.

I love traveling, love my friends and especially my family, that even though I am 10 years old outside of Brazil, they are always present in my way.

I lived in the United States, worked in a cruiseship and decided to come to Australia 7 years ago for another new experience.

When I arrived in Sydney, I got married and after a few years I had my beautiful son. I am passionate about the cities of Australia, the beaches, the people and I decided that here would be the place to be with my family, being able to experience a lifestyle that only Australia can provide.

Today as part of the WEST 1 team, I do what I really love. Help and assist students to achieve their dreams and goals in the best way possible and make the Australian exchange experience unforgettable in their lives!

Amanda BenitesPublic Relations


Hi, I’m Amanda, more known as Amandinha, or only Dinha.

I’m “Gaucha”, from Porto Alegre (south of Brazil). The first time I came to Australia was on 2009, my objectives was study English and also have this amazing experience abroad. I went back to Brazil after 1 year here, but 2013 I was back to the Aussie Land.

I can affirm that this was the best decision on my life. Here I met many people from all over the world, many different cultures, habits, met amazing places and changed completely the way I see the life. Now I see how the smaller and simple things are the ones that make the difference in our lifes. Smile for a strange and received a smile back, say Hi for the bus driver, help someone and few minutes later be helped for a strange, the famous law of attraction that seems to be much stronger here.

Today, I’m part of WEST 1 Team, and it’s a big pleasure to help our student to get the best experience abroad ever.

Ana Paula MerchanEducational Counsellor


From São Paulo with Spanish blood, graduated in Biology and an exciting relationship with Australia - since December 2007. The lifestyle, cultural diversity, freedom, security and incredible landscapes that Australia provides to me and to the International students make this country our home.

West 1 has always been by my side from the beginning, not only as my Exchange Agency but also as my family.

It is a great pleasure to assist in the fulfillment of our students’ dreams and to accompany them during the whole trajectory.

Victor MaritanEducational Counsellor


Hi,my name is Victor, I’m from the east zone of Sao Paulo. I graduated in Graphic Design and Photography, but the best choice that I made was started to work at WEST 1 São Paulo in the beginning of 2015. I say that because in 2011 I came to Australia - Sydney for the first time as na international student with WEST 1 and I had a really good experience.

Now I’m back in Australia with another mind set. I think that I am more mature and with a lot of expectations for life. I really love to live in Australia because of the quality of life, beaches, people and culture. I’m really greatful for working now at WEST 1 Sydney with nice people.

Thanks 2017 for this amazing new beginning!

Brenda de Azevedo CinelPublic Relations


Hey, I’m Brenda! All the way from brazil (Porto Alegre – South of Brazil), I’m a Graphic Designer who used to work with marketing, people and creativity. I’ve been living and enjoying my life in Australia since november/2014 and I’m proud to say that my experience here has made me more human. I’ve been learning about life, about emotions, about self control. I’ve been getting inspired for this culture and beautiful nature. I couldn’t have done a better choice, I feel happy to call Australia home.

And now as part of West 1 team I’m happy to help the students to realize their dreams and get them inspired to have the happiest experience ever.

Count on me : )