Keine PachecoRegional Director


I’m Brazilian and “gaúcha”, and since when I was a kid I had a big dream to travel and study overseas, meet and live with different cultures and speak english, that for me is the most beautiful language in the world, wasn’t in vain that I choose study Tourism. When I was 21 years old I gratuated, and after 2 months I was already going to Australia. I lived 1 year and 3 months in Sydney, studying, working and meeting new people and doing great friendships with people from Japan, French, Italy all over Brazil that I take with me until today.

Australia totally changed my life, and the experience was so rich that I decided that the Project of my life would be help people to achieve their dreams to study and live in Australia. I believed that I could do it and when we love something and we give all our soul and heart to it everything can happen. Was when I had the oportunity to take back to Brazil the representative of Ozzy Study Brazil on February 2009. Since then, me and my husband and partern are making our dreams come true, helping all young “gaúchos” to have this amazing experience and together remind all our time in Australia, what makes we miss so much that time, Australia is eternal, is like a tatoo in your soul. And also heard from our clientes that we made the difference in their travel is really reward.

Every year I travel to Australia for work, training, updated about the cities and schools, and also feel that feeling of travel to my second country. Our secret is love what we do and had lived in this country makes us more confident when explain about the life over there. Today with more than 5 years of hard work I’m even more than happy because we’re growing and growing…. Specially now with the fusion between Ozzy Study Brazil and WEST 1.