Eliana ChegureBranch Manager


I was born in Sao Paulo, and spent most of my life in the same city and at the same house. I always loved traveling, getting to know new people, new cultures, and explore new places.

I am graduated in Tourism, and as soon as I graduated at Uni, I decide to travel to Australia to improve my English skills, as it is essential for my career.

I lived with an amazing Australian family in a very small town called Byron Bay. I could develop a lot my English skills, I met people from all around the world at school, and I had an incredible experience with Australian culture.

After my English course finished I moved to Sydney. Time went by, and the will of going back home never came. Today, is has been 11 years since I first arrive.

I met I beautiful Kiwi guy (New Zealander), who I got married. We been together for the past 7 years.

I stated to work with international students in Sydney, and today I work at WEST 1 Melbourne.

I love helping people, and it gives me great please to be able to support all international students when they first arrive in Australia.

Never give up on your dreams, because they could be closer than what you imagine.

Livia TogashiEducational Counsellor


I am Livia Togashi, born in Bauru, dreamer, I have a Bachelor degree in Marketing.

Love traveling, making new friends and getting to know new countries and cultures.

I believe that happiness is a choice made every day. And the happiest decision I made in my life was to come to Australia in 2009. I gave myself the chance to enjoy this incredible journey of deep learning and self knowledge.

I love my work, and been working at WEST 1 since 2011, It’s very pleaseant to serve and the experiences we can provide to all the exchange students who come here.

The International Exchange is a very special time on every one’s life and I feel glad to be part of such an unforgettable moment in our student’s life celebrating with them each achievement,learning and victory.

I live and breathe every minute the energy of Melbourne that, for me, really represents with full pride and power the title of best city to live in the world.

Love going out, music festivals and also being close to my family.

Life should be fun!

I do not believe in coincidence, I believe in destiny and mine was to be part of WEST 1 family.



I am Walter, from São Paulo, capital, typical Paulistano. I have studied Human Resources Management in 2008 in Brazil. In 2007 I joined the world of Tourism working in a Multinational agency with different clients, where I learned a lot about customer service.

In 2011 I decided to throw everything up and start my adventure into the land of Leprechauns, Ireland. I went there initially to learn English, I loved Europe and I stayed there for almost 3 years. I travelled a lot, made so many friends of different nationalities and cultures.

In 2013, I got a great opportunity to move to Australia. The moment I putted my feet in the land of kangaroos I fell completely in love with this wonderful country, rich in culture, amazing beaches, beautiful landscapes and friendly people.

I consider myself very friendly and communicative, also to improve theses skills in my career I’m studying a Bachelor degree in Communication (Public Relations). I’m a permanent resident in Australia since 2014 and Melbourne is my home.

I love traveling, watching movies, going to theatres, cooking and especially having lots of fun with friends.

I am very happy to be part of this wonderful family that is WEST 1, where I can use all my knowledge and experience to help others to enjoy this magnificent and unique experience that is to study and live in Australia.