Alexandre Rubial MonteiroMarketing Manager


My name is Alexandre, I´m a very pround paulista and Corinthians supporter. I like to travel, cook and be around my friends. I have lived in Australia since 2003, and as many Brazilian student I came to do my student exchange program to study English for 5 months, but since when I first landed in Down Under I realized that it would be hard to go back to Brazil. I always had the desire to spend some time abroad, but when I arrived in Sydney, where I have always lived since I came to Australia, I soon realized that it was the place to be. What I most like here in Australia is the simplicity of the day by day routine and the lifestyle. Here everything seems to be uncomplicated and more informal in a positive way, and the lifestyle itself, which combines the pace of a big city with the relaxed pace of the beach, makes me happy to stay and not wanting to go back to São Paulo.

I started work with international education when I became a educational consultant in 2007. It was very satisfying to share my experiences as an international student with other students that like myself came to study in Australia, however as I graduated in Social Communication with a Marketing background, as soon as I had the opportunity I started as a marketing manager in a company specialized in student exchange program to Australia.

Working at WEST 1, all I wish is that our students have the same amazing experience as I had, and that Australia makes them as happy as it has made me so far.



I am a “Gaúcha” (a person from the State of Rio Grande do Sul), from a small town on the border with Argentina. I love backpacking on my own. I speak Portuguese, English and a little Spanish. I had travelled throughout Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina before deciding to venture to the other side of the world. I chose Australia as the place for my first exchange visit, and so I came to Sydney in August 2010 to study English for six months. I fell in love with the country because of its diverse culture and lifestyle, and decided to stay.

As an ex-environmental student I was able to realise my dreams of driving along the Great Ocean Road and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

The experience I had as a student has given me the necessary knowledge so that today I am able to help new exchange students have a fantastic experience here.

In Brazil I worked in Customer Services and I love helping others, or rather, I love my work, and I could tell you plenty of stories about things that have happened to me since I arrived here.

I am responsible for the accommodations department; I’m the one who helps the students find a great place to live during their stay in Australia, whether it’s in a Shared House or a Home Stay.



My name is Danilo; I’m married and have two beautiful children. I enjoy playing sports, particularly football, jiu-jitsu and mountain biking. I’m passionate about my family, friends and nature. I am fascinated by everything new: places, cities, countries, people, cultures, ideas, food, music, good products and good services. I am also proud to be a Christian.

My experience with student exchange programmes began in 2001 when I came to study and live in Australia for one year and ended up staying for two. In Australia I met my partner, friend, girlfriend and now wife.

I began working with student exchange programmes in 2002, when I became an educational consultant. It was love at first sight! I used the experience I’d had as a student to help with planning trips and dealing with clients’ expectations; seeing people transformed continues to be a great gift for me. After some years of dealing with hundreds of students, I fulfilled my dream of founding WEST 1.

From the beginning, my goal has been to offer the best exchange experience for each student and client. We have worked hard to turn this goal into a reality every day. It’s fantastic to be part of a moment that is very special in the life of an exchange student.

This is just a little about me.

As I always say: Let’s go forward!



My name is Fernando Silva Marinho and I have a degree in Tourism Marketing Planning from Anhembi Morumbi Unversity, in Brazil. I lived in Australia for nearly three years. I love getting to know new cultures, and enjoying the sunshine, surfing, didgeridoo, and jiu-jitsu…I am driven by adrenalin and I love travelling. I know South America and Central America well, and have travelled a lot around Brazil.

The need to learn English and the urge to discover new things led me to the other side of the world. Down under, I have studied English and, now that I’m fluent in English, doors have opened to me.

Now living back in Brazil, I still remember my experiences abroad and have fond memories of the biggest and best decision I have ever made in my life. I have worked at WEST 1 since March 2009, so you can count on me to help you plan your trip.



I’m brazilian, from Sao Paulo capital city!

I have bachelor in advertising from Brazil, and I worked in marketing for more than 8 years.

After many meetings with overseas people and many trips for different countries, I had to try to understand and me communicate in english, so I decided to invest in my self in the personal and the professional aspect as well, and I came to study english in Australia.

At the first time that I arrived in Australia I had contact with the people, the culture, the wonderful beaches, the amazing landmarks and I figure it out why so many friends decided to live here.

Now I work at WETS 1 in Sydney, and I have the pleasure to help students to keep their studies here in Australia, and that’s give me a amazing satisfaction.