Ana ScanavachiRegional Director


Hi, my name is Ana Paula but everyone knows me as Aninha. Since I made my first study exchange at age 17, I was sure that I no longer belonged to Brazil. The adventures of living in another country always fascinated me even before I knew the world of exchange. As I said, at the age of 17 I made my first trip, I stayed 6 months in Vancouver, Canada, studying English. During that time I lived with a Canadian family, which was a wonderful experience. Each day was a new learning, which motivated me more and more to be away from my family, because although it is not easy, it is very gratifying. It it’s in those moments that we really realize how much we miss and how much we love. When I returned to Brazil, I needed to take care of my future, and I decided to start University, studying Bachelor of International Trade, because studying that I knew that I would continue to have contact with people from all over the world and have opportunities to travel while working. Travelling has always been my focus! At 21, I decided to have a break from my studies and embark on another adventure. I was living 3 months in a National park in California, USA, called Yosemite National Park, literally in the middle of the bush. I lived in a hut in the forest and I discovered that being surrounded by other cultures it means whe are always learning ... The more we discover the unknown, the more fascinating life becomes. That’s why I encourage everyone to travel, exchange and enjoy life to the fullest. That’s what I’ve always done and I do until today, since I live on the beautiful Gold Coast. But how did I get to Australia? Well at age 23, crazy to leave Brazil again, I decided to go further. I had a friend who at that time time was living in Australia and decided to leave everything behind and start another adventure again but this time in Australia ... I studied Business to continue the studies already have started in Brazil and today, with 7 years of Australia and 4 working with interchange, I can affirm that I am super happy. I love helping people like me who wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

Renato MazzettoPublic Relations


My name is Renato Mazzetto, I’m 33 years old and I’ve lived in Australia for 4 ½ years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Events. As fanatic Palmeiras soccer club supporter, I love to play soccer (we have a team of Brazilians here on the Gold Coast), surfing every week in this paradise and nowadays I look for alternatives for body, mind and soul: Yoga and Meditation! I do some paintings on boards and pictures, like a recent hobby that came out of nowhere in my life. I arrived here in Australia, after a frustration of work. I worked with sports marketing at an agency in São Paulo and could not participate in a project for the World Cup in South Africa because I did not have the level of English required. That’s when I came to Australia to learn the language. The plan was to come back with better English for the World Cup in Brazil. However, this plan changed, I denied an old dream of working in the World Cup and I decided to stay here for good. So, after several jobs here in Australia, I have had the pleasure of joining the WEST 1 family on the Gold Coast, and I am very happy. My goal is to give the best in support and make all students have an incredible experience as I have had. A big hug to all and success!

Letícia Oliveira Educational Consultant


My name is Leticia and I was born in São Bernardo do Campo and I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. I made my first exchange with 16 years to Toronto - Canada, Since then I have fallen in love with the idea of exploring the world, traveling, studying, and adapting to new cultures. In 2012 I decided to do another Exchange to California and in 2013 and 2014 again. lol In 2015 again I decided that again a want to travel and it was when, after 5 exchanges, I decided to “drop” Everything I had in Brazil, a job with a promising career, a family That has always supported me in all my decisions and my Dear friends to embark on a dream called AUSTRALIA! This passion for exchange makes me dedicate myself even more to my Work at WEST 1 as Educational Consultant . I would like to tell the Students who are coming and who are thinking of Same passion, to encourage to live this incredible and unforgettable experience, give all the support and be part of that dream !! Come to WEST 1, come with WEST 1

Beatriz GodoyEducational Consultant


My name is Beatriz Gomes Lima de Godoy, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Sao Paulo. I grew up and always lived in Sao Paulo. I’ve worked for 5 years in a marketing agency and always loved working with sales and consulting. I’ve always loved living in Sao Paulo but I missed the nature so much, so I decided to live in Rio de Janeiro and felt that living near the beach was what I wanted for my life. My oldest sister had already lived in Australia a while ago and she encouraged me to move to the Gold Coast. I am completely in love with the Gold Coast, I’ have been living here for 4 years and today I am Sofia’s mother and married. Moving to Australia was the best choice I made and I love my job because I can help students to live the Australian dream.

Paula PerezEducational Counselor


I am Paula, born and raised in São Paulo and I have the pleasure of been working with tourism since 2001. I graduated in Tourism and Hospitality and travel and to know other cultures and new places was always what most encouraged me to leave Brazil in the first place . It is when we make an exchange that we see how much we learn and grow as a person. My first international trip was the traditional trip to Disney when I was 15 years old. I went alone and that’s when I decided that I wanted to study English because I felt a great difficulty communicating and since then I was sure that this would be the first trip of many. During college, I travelled a lot through Brazil, because I knew that after graduating I would have to focus on the job, to raise money and thus be able to embark on my long dreamed of exchange to Australia. And it was in 2007 that I decided that 2008 would be the year! I came to initially stay 1 year as a student, but 8 years have passed and here I am, married, expecting my first child and more accomplished than ever. I chose Gold Coast, because despite loving São Paulo, I never identified with a big city and living near the beach was what I wanted most. I’ve visited several cities in Australia, all fantastic, but my heart is Gold and I do not change here for any other place in this world! I Super recommend Gold Coast for those who like sports, heat, want to have quality of life and, besides living near the sea, live close to Brisbane in case the big city longing hit. I work as an educational consultant since 2010 and it is a great professional and personal accomplishment to help students realize this exchange dream that was once my own. My advice to anyone who wants to venture into the world like me: even if you do not have the money or the conditions to go now, make a plan! It’s no use just dreaming without planning. Choose the destination, search the city and make a budget with WEST 1. All this helps a lot when focusing and collect the money needed. Whether if it’s in a few months or a few years, whatever. The important thing is not to give up doing something that could change your life as it has changed mine.