Hello, my name is Junior, born and raised in the vibrant Sao Paulo and really passionate about travel, road trip and nature. I found road trips was a great way to relax and escape from my crazy and busy routine that who lives in Sao Paulo knows what I am talking about.

I found the traveling is not only rewarding, but also a opportunity to knew new people and cultures. This led me to two years volunteer project in North part of Brazil, which increased my desire to help people.

In Brazil, I was working in bank, teaching and IT sections, but always felt the hunger to learn or experience something different. Volunteering was a way to following what makes me happy, what is helping people, then I joined to be a Portuguese teacher to English and Spanish speaker students, I felt English language would be a great asset and felt I should improve it, hence my journey started to Australia (the Kangaroo’s country).

I arrived here in Adelaide Australia in 2013 and fall in love with this beautiful city since my arrival. Adelaide has many things to offer including quite city, safety, beaches and hills farms, which make me, fall in love with great me city everyday. I believe the Adelaide is the best city in Australia and Adelaide is also considered to be one of the best ten cities of the world.

Even though my experience studying Bachelor in Accounting on here, something was missing, the feeling to help people and make difference in the people’s life as back in Brazil was knocking me and makes me not complete in not doing this, then WEST 1 found me, West 1 gave me the platform to continue my passion about helping people, where I used to help people in the process of coming to Australia for personal decision, now I can do it with as part of the WEST 1’s family. Graduated in law and IT being part of West 1 as being a new amazing experience as I never thought I was capable working in that as before was a kind of hobby.

However I see myself heavily involve for my students to help and achieve their dreams. I love my work and I take absolute pride in my work.

- I Love reading and keep updated what is happening around the world.

- Family is my rock and my everything, they are the most important people in my life, after them I have my friends as my lovers.

“Make your life something, then, the life Will transforming you a someone” (Unknow writer).

Angela RojasEducation Agent Counsellor


I am from Colombia, born and raised in Dolores, Tolima. I am Communication Professional and someone really passionate about education, internationalization, cultures, traveling and books.

My experience is based on NGO management, strategic planning, leadership and sales. While working I consider myself a team player, very comfortable working with diverse individuals, always looking for the fulfillment of the goals. I am not afraid about challenging environments or limited resources: Always solution and result oriented. I deeply believe the most valuable treasure of an organization is the people.

A word that represents me: Reliability. Why? Because I think of myself as a brand and my offer is honesty, trust, transparency, commitment and confidence. I arrived in Adelaide in 2013, australia has been the best experience of my life, where it has helped me grow as a person and professional

I like West1 because I can help people to enjoy, live and make their autralian dreams come true. It is a professional company that is always support you. I love my family, they are my greatest treasure and blessing. I am a very proud aunt

“Jump to the precipice and and you’ll see how big your wings are.” anonymous