Deciding on the type of accommodation for your exchange program, and living in a great place, where you feel good and that you can really call home, are crucial components for having a great experience in New Zealand, and achieving your study goals.

There are various types of accommodation available, but WEST 1 recommends that the student always stay in a family home, at least for the initial period of the exchange program.

Accommodation is the biggest cost you will have while studying in New Zealand, so whatever you choose, we will do everything in our power to meet your needs and try and keep costs down.



WEST 1 recommends that students book a homestay for their first few weeks in the new country. The support and welcome provided by the family will be of inestimable value in adapting to the new culture and routines of another country. Benefits of this accommodation option include first-hand experience of how a local family lives, and of the new culture and local habits, as well as improving language skills. In most cases, students staying at a homestay are entitled to two meals a day on week days, and three at weekends.

Shared Accommodation:

This is a great option for more independent students, particularly those who are already familiar with the country and the city where they are going to live, and who have some knowledge of the local language. WEST 1, in partnership with the schools of New Zealand, works with companies that manage the buildings and offer full accommodation, with a bedroom, Internet connection, household utensils, and maintenance in the event of any unforeseen situation.

Once they arrive at their destination, many students find adverts for this type of accommodation, in the classified section of newspapers, or even on the notice boards of the school itself, as it is common for former students who are returning home to leave a vacant room at the accommodation they are leaving.

Backpackers Hostels:

Hostels are recommended for short stays. The accommodation is basic, with few luxuries. This type of accommodation is ideal for people who are travelling around the country. Hostels usually have a relaxed atmosphere, and are popular with young travellers. The accommodation is usually in communal dorms, but in some cases, it is possible to rent a private room.