About New Zealand

Aotearoa, or “The Land of the Big White Cloud”, is the native Maori name for the country christened New Zealand by European settlers. This narrow strip of isolate land at the south of the globe is a truly enchanting place, from its landscapes that combine snow-capped mountains, crystalline lakes, paradisiacal beaches, and various national parks, to its extremely welcoming people.

From the North to the South of this country, so blessed by rare natural beauty, you can feel a certain magic in the air. A location for various films, the most famous among them The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and more recently, The Hobbit Trilogy, it is impossible to visit New Zealand without feeling as though you’re living in a real fairy tale.

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Official Language: English and Maori

Capital: Wellington

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

HDI (Human Development Index): 0.919 (very high)

Area: 268,671 km2

Population: 4,486,267 (9/10/2013 – Statistics New Zealand)

Density: 16 people/km²

GDP: 123.3 billion (2011 estimate)

Inflation: 0.7%