Due to its location on the globe and also its sheer size, Australia has an enviable variety of attractions, such as idyllic beaches, forests with untouched woods, one of the world’s largest deserts, waterfalls, skiing stations and unmissable sand dunes.

However, this is not all, with plenty of options of reasonably priced flights it is possible to visit several countries in Asia, the famous Pacific Islands and also the neighbouring country of New Zealand.

Main destinations

The main destinations within Australia are: the famous city of Sydney with tourist spots like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge; the cultural city of Melbourne with a significant variety of bars, restaurants and theatres; the sun-soaked beaches of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast; the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns and Whitsundays; the city of Alice Springs, the closest city to the desert and from where it is possible to gain access to Uluru; the vineyards of Adelaide; the Margaret River and the Barossa Valley; beautiful Fraser Island, a heritage-listed island famous for its preservation of very rare vegetation; Kangaroo Island and its beautiful sand dunes, and, last but not least, the idyllic landscapes with a touch of the semi-arid in Perth and Broome.

Along international routes, don’t leave out multicultural Thailand, the natural beauty of Indonesia, at least one Pacific island (like Fiji, for example) and, for those of more adventurous spirit, the secrets of Vietnam and the ancient culture of Japan. Finally, the neighbouring country of New Zealand is an enchanting destination in its own right, and from the North to the South of the country the landscapes are incredible and the local people are extremely friendly.