Fabio Belculfine
BRAZIL 15/08/2017

I chose the English course at Lexis School (Perth), because I have several friends who have already done it and recommended me, in addition to having conducted research on the internet, which ratified my choice.
Among so many cities, I chose Perth (Australia) for my exchange experience because it is a big, not too hectic city that has many foreigners, where I will need to adapt as quickly as possible in terms of communication.
I currently live with my parents in São José dos Campos - Sao Paulo, in Brazil, who shared my ideals with satisfaction.
I hope to make the most of this course, seek knowledge and return with a more qualified training to facilitate my entry into the Brazilian marketplace, as it is a great investment and I wish to return to my country with greater life experience and a better preparation for my professional career.
After completing my course, I intend to return to Brazil and continue my improvement, aiming for this, the achievement of a postgraduate degree in Business and Sales Management at FGV (Getulio Vargas Faculty) in Sao Jose dos Campos, so that I can assume a new level in my career, in the financial area of ​​international banks, as it is an area of ​​my interest and English fluent, will enable me to have such an opportunity.

Hamilton Julio Neto
BRAZIL 24/07/2017

I choose Australia because it’s a wonderful wonderful country and it looks like Brazil.
In addition, I have many friends who have studied there and say that it was the best experience of their lives.

Carlos de Lima Ferreira
BRAZIL 20/06/2017

I chose Australia because it has a climate very similar to Brazil this was the first aspect.
Another aspect was to get to know the culture, transportation, education and politics of a first world country.

Bruno Ursine Guimaraes
BRAZIL 05/05/2017

My expectation is to live new experiences and see some things I’ve never seen before.
I hope to acquire new knowledge, meet new people and experiment a new culture.
Everywhere I go I always try not only visit but also feel the environment and be part of it.

Vanessa Regina Thereza
BRAZIL 29/04/2017

No experience.

Alessandra Maio Veiga
BRAZIL 29/04/2017

I’m really excited about the trip!
Ready for new challenges and experiences.
All with the help of WEST 1!

Bruna Aparecida Pereira
BRAZIL 04/04/2017

A língua inglesa sempre foi meu fantasma para minha carreira profissional, então decidi encarar o desafio do intercâmbio, nem fui ainda e já estou amando essa experiência.
A WEST 1 tornou tudo mais fácil, esclareceu todas minhas dúvidas e ainda tem o melhor preço.
Semana que vem estarei em Brisbane, mal posso esperar, estou ansiosa.
Cangurus e Coalas, estou chegando!!!! smile

Karoline Martins Girardi
BRAZIL 02/02/2017

I’ve chosen Australia since I was 12.
I have this feeling towards nature, sun and sea.
Now that my dream is finally becoming true, I am going forward for the 29th of January.
On this date, my adventure will begin, and, most importantly, I won’t be alone: My fiancè is waiting for me.
I hope we are going to enjoy every moment of our time together in Perth, and for now this is what I have to say.
See you soon.

Lucas Braga De Oliveira
BRAZIL 01/02/2017

I am very excited to live in Australia and WEST 1 has been doing a great job, helping and supporting me.
Thanks a lot, i wish the best to everyone at WEST 1.

Leonardo Jordao Franca
BRAZIL 03/12/2016

I’ve been really well attended by the WEST 1 team.
I was scared about the idea of going out from my country, cause I’ve never did it, but WEST 1 team is making it a very nice experience.
Thank you all so much!!!!

Danilo Sansao Ribeiro
BRAZIL 17/11/2016

Now, three days before my trip, I’m so anxious but I´m talking just about the good side of anxiety.
WEST 1 team helped me get here with tranquility and without any trouble.

Elaine Vicentini
BRAZIL 08/10/2016

Hello!!! My name is Elaine, I’m Brazilian and I’m going to live in Australia for six months to learn English.
I love to travel, getting to know new places and people, playing sports.
I always dreamed of going to Australia because the place and people from there fascinate me.
I hope to live incredible days and that this experience be enriching.
See you soon.

Stefanie de Moraes Moreira e Silva
BRAZIL 27/08/2016

Anxiously waiting for the visa!

Vitor Dolabela de Lima Goncalves
BRAZIL 04/08/2016

Until now, everything has been running perfectly.
I can’t wait to be there.

Guilherme Dos Santos Zavattaro
BRAZIL 18/07/2016

I’ve been looking for a place to live, work and study for the past year, and every agency that I’ve come across, was not keeping up with my expectations.
I had already lived in Australia, when I was doing university, and ever since I came back, I wanted to go again. LOL.
WEST 1 and Kirra (my local agency) made my dream possible. They met up with every single expectation I had, and they were very open to my decisions regarding the school I chose and the place I wanted to live. Something that is very hard to get from other agencies.
Let’s hope that this continues going well when I get there.
See ya, mates.

Julie Ayumi Sasahara
BRAZIL 21/04/2016

I’m really excited to go, specially now that I’m about to travel.
I’ve been planing this trip for so long and now it’s finally here.
So I can’t wait to go.
Gold Coast seems like a perfect city, with amazing people and places.
I love the beach, but I also love living in a big city, so that’s why I’ve chosen Gold Coast.
I’ve heard so many amazing things about Australia in general and I just can’t wait to make sure they’re true.
WEST 1 has been such a bless for me because they helped me through every single stage to get here and made everything easier.
I’m really thankful for that and I bet that, while I’m there, I’d still have all the support that I could need.
To sum it up, I’m really looking forward to traveling and getting to know new people e finding new places.
Thanks for everything!

Marina Bacha Nascimento
BRAZIL 15/12/2015

I’ve choose Australia because of the quality of life and that I haven’t been there yet.
Also as a biologist I believe I will get my mind blown away with all the endemic species there and I would love to experience the life in a country who cares a lot about the environment, that means a lot to me.

Renata Dias Lepiani
BRAZIL 20/10/2015

I´m very excited to go to Australia.
I’m actually counting the days till my trip on October 31st.
At this moment I can’t talk about my experience, because I haven’t lived it yet, because I’m still here in Brazil, but will be there soon.
See you!!! smile

Guilherme Nascimento Carvalho
BRAZIL 25/05/2015

I am going to Australia in a couple of weeks, and I’m so excited to get to know the city, the Australian culture, my classmates, the school and all the good things that Australia has to offer.
For now I am only waiting to live this moment that will bring a lot of happiness in my life.
Cheers to this new phase!

Carolina Tome orfao
BRAZIL 11/02/2015

Dear friends from WEST 1 Campinas,

Thanks for all the support you have given to us from the start and continue to give until now, moments before boarding.

We are very lucky to have chosen WEST 1 as our study abroad agency to make our dream of studying English in Australia come true, because what was a dream is just about to happen.

Thank you for leaving this dream with us and help us at all times, it is not easy to get out of the comfort zone, but as you said, will be the best experience of our lives, and we are sure of that.

As dear Fernando always says , “vamos que vamos”!

Guys, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, and especially Eli ( WEST 1 Campinas ) that had a enoooormous patience with us and for always giving us wonderful tips.

The time is coming and we will see you soon !!!

Kisses from the couple Carol and James = D

Fernando Guedes Lima
BRAZIL 19/11/2014

My wife and I are embarking on a new stage of discovery and learning, we are sure it will be very rewarding and enriching period in Australia.
We expect to meet our goals of study and be able to enjoy this moment with great satisfaction.

Carlos Henrique Rodrigues dos Santos
BRAZIL 19/11/2014

I chose Australia because it’s a country where the climate is very similar to Brazil. I’m planning this trip a long time ago and can’t wait to live all those moments and experiences in this amazing country.

Thiago Casagrande
BRAZIL 19/11/2014

I have a whirlwind of emotions contained within me, anxiety, fear, anticipation, dream, is something that has no explanation, but I will go!
I will only believe it when I’m in Australian land.
Thanks family and friends for the support!
And girls from the agency the immense help!
Australia here we go!

Valdir Cássio de Mendonça
BRAZIL 19/11/2014

Australia! Do you know something you don’t know, but you like it?
That is how I start my adventure!
I do not create any expectations, because I want to open for everything, culture, places, people, nightlife.
Due to my half century of life, friends and relatives call me crazy, I call myself a traveler, explorer, discoverer.
It will be wonderful (despite the fear of the language as I don’t speak any English).
I leave a part of me in Brazil, my children!
I know it is difficult, it hurts some time now, but this is part of human growth!
I wish you all the best in life and let’s travel !!!

Juliana Catarine Ferreira
BRAZIL 19/11/2014

I chose Australia because I’ve been there once, and there’s no way I would chose a different place. The receptivity of those who live there, the possibility of meeting people from different culture and climate similar to Brazil are amazing. I’m lucky to have Fernando from WEST 1 as my contact and support because he did everything to me and always in a very good mood.
I’m sure this time I will exceed my own expectations and part of this it’s because I have all this support from WEST 1, family and friends.
I use to say that there’s no second chance to make a first impression, so that’s what happened with Australia, because of my best memory, my return.
Thank you very Fernando and everyone from WEST 1. Juliana Catarine

Caroline Bonetto
BRAZIL 19/11/2014

Just got in Sydney and I can tell: i’m in love with everything! WEST 1 gave me all the support to come here and so far I didn’t have any issue. Excellent support in an amazing place! Thanks for everything!

Manoela Mariante Brolacci
BRAZIL 20/10/2014

I’m Manoela from Valinhos and I’m going to Sydney for the third time! The first time I was in Sydney I stayed there for five months but had not yet known WEST 1! It was on the second time that I had the pleasure of hiring the services of WEST 1! It was a recommendation from a friend that made me very happy! Everyone in the agency are very solicitous and helpful! Fernando and Fernanda took charge of my trip and I can only thank them! They were always very attentive and helpful ! I am very happy to have chosen WEST 1 and even more to return to the land of kangaroos! I highly recommend WEST 1 and to speak about Australia I’m suspicious! Australia is paradise !!!! WEST 1, thanks for helping me realize this wonderful journey !!!!!

Gabriel Gakas
BRAZIL 27/08/2014

All ready, tomorrow I am embarking to Australia, on the other side of the world. My full gratitude to the whole team for the attention and affection in this so important phase.
I often say ‘Life is like a balloon ride, we cannot know where the wind will take us, but we can choose whether we will enjoy the ride or be afraid of falling.’


Thomaz Hernandes Tartari
BRAZIL 15/08/2017

I have been in Australia not for long now, but the first impressions couldn’t be better!!!
Sydney is just beautiful!!!
Everyone seems very kind, from the few Australians that I met to the several foreigners from different nationalities.
I think there is this vibe that everyone feels sympathy from one another due to the “we have all been there” attitude.
The Brazilian community is also very broad and warming as well.
I have no words to describe how amazing the WEST 1 staff have been to me. Specially Gabi.
She is always “around” offering support and ready to help me as soon as I ask for help, that makes you feel very welcomed, relaxed and confident.
So, if my stay are as good as my first weeks, it is going to be an amazing experience!!!

Andressa da Silva
BRAZIL 14/06/2017

Yes, you will miss your family, your dog, your friends, the food and the people from Brazil, and you already knew that it was going to happen and somehow you were not prepared for this feeling, but that doesn’t make the experience least wonderful!
Everyday you learn a different word, a different rule of the language, you taste a different food, you know a different place, it’s amazing.
Sometimes you’re going to get sad because you’re really far from everything you know, and you miss it, but then you see all the beautiful places that you still will going to know and the adventure that you are able to live, that is the moment that you realise how lucky you are and is very grateful for this opportunity.
I have to say thank you to all the people who supported me to take this trip and of course, to the WEST 1 agency, who have been amazing since the beginning, both the Brazilian office and the Melbourne office, Walter is the kindest person trying to help us with everything here in Melbourne, but I have to say a special thank you to my consultant Lidiane, without her this trip would never have happened, you are a brilliant profissional, thank you so much!

Kleber Wilson dos Santos
BRAZIL 26/05/2017

Wow, I’m having a unique experience in my life, crossing the continents and arriving in this wonderful land, it is all good and my journey is just beginning.
I’ve been here for a week and I’ve already given an idea of ​​the challenges and achievements we will have “together”.
I say “together” because without this partnership with WEST 1, I believe the path would be a little more painful.
Thanks for the affection and concern of all this team from Brazil to here in Australia.

Daniel Matoso Duarte
BRAZIL 23/05/2017

So far Australia has been a very welcoming country, very multicultural and chilled.
Which reminds me a lot of my birth city.
Hopping to have more experiences to share in my next months here.

Cristiano Alves Santarem
BRAZIL 29/04/2017

I`m very happy with this opportunity.
Despite the difficulty that such a change brings to our lives, I’m sure that i have made the right decision.
On each of the days of those three weeks I’m here I have learned something new.
I still face several barriers because of the language, but each day these barriers become smaller. And for every problem that appears, there is the reward of the beautiful landscapes, the joyful people and the energy of that place.
Thank you very much to the entire staff of WEST 1, for the support that I have been receiving since the beginning.
It`s much easier to overcome the homesickness of family and friends when you find the support that the agency staff offers us.

Juliana Patrocinio De Moraes
BRAZIL 01/02/2017

It’s been great!

Camila Pisoni
BRAZIL 10/11/2016

We’ve been here for just two weeks and have had wonderful experiences.

Marcela Marques Mendonca
BRAZIL 07/09/2016

I’m loving my experience in Australia.
Since when I started researching I was very well guided by Igor from WEST 1.
When I came to the school they welcomed me very well and Walter from WEST 1 here helps me in everything I need ... super recommend WEST 1 for all ...
Thanks the entire team of WEST 1 São Paulo (Igor, Camila, Mariana, Tom, Iago) and WEST 1 Melbourne.

Pedro Do Carmo Alves Filho
BRAZIL 05/07/2016

I’d like to thank all the Sao Paulo team for their commitment, support and help throughout my process.
I just got in Sydney and I can’t wait to start discovering this place.
Sincerely, Pedrinho.

Patricia Ferreira Reviti
BRAZIL 27/06/2016

I’ve just started my experience.
I’ve been here for two weeks and I am loving it.
The city is perfect!

Karine Andréa de Souza San Martin
BRAZIL 05/01/2016

Its been wonderful, I am enjoying every moment here.
Everyday I get more amazed with the country and this lovely mix of cultures.

Vanessa Dos Santos Passarini
BRAZIL 04/11/2015

When you have a dream and it seems it’s hard to make it true, you need to believe it because if you really want you’ll achieve it.
Be Strong Girl!!!!

João Pedro Dias Heringer Lisboa
BRAZIL 03/11/2015

It’s been amazing, and WEST 1 team is giving me all support I need and a little more.
Congratulations for the excellent job!

Mirella Reis Pereira
BRAZIL 06/08/2015

Beautiful city, weather similar to that of Brazil, receptive and cheerful people.
Finally, a Brazil that worked.
I came twice before deciding to live here and the help of WEST 1 was crucial to make it a reality.
The team is helpful, committed and responsible for making my dream come true.
Thanks, mates!!!

Danilo Barbosa Gomes
BRAZIL 15/06/2015

The time of my life, in the personal and professional aspect.
I had a great support in Brazil and I was very well received by WEST 1 here in Sydney, I am ready to overcome any adversity that I may face here.
The city is just beautiful, that offers very good opportunities for those who strive and runs behind a better future.
If you are still unsure whether to come or not, stop thinking and pack your bags.
Success for all of us.
If you are in doubt whether you come or not, stop thinking and pack your bags.
I wish success for all of us.

Sergio de Sa Fioretti
BRAZIL 25/05/2015

There is no better place in the world to live with Quality, Safety and Health!!!

Angela Cristina Battirola
BRAZIL 27/04/2015

Studying in Australia has been very rich.
I have just finished my first class about how to work effectively with diversity and I could not find it more suitable for this city.
It is such a diverse place with people from so many countries that I simply exemplify by talking about my classmates: we are in about 25 people from 12 different countries.
Everyday is a new discovery and by the time I get out of bed, I am sure there will be a new adventure today.

Luiz Jefferson Feitosa Neres
BRAZIL 05/01/2015

My name is Luiz and I am Brazilian. I studied at Greenwich for over 8 months. It was such an incredible experience.I first went to the Cambridge CAE, course that took my english to another level. Following the CAE I enrolled in the famous ‘‘English for Business’’ and I have to say it was different from everything I had done before. Deborah is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She helped me so much to improve my english skills. Australia has been a totally crazy experience. Looking back some years ago I’d never thought to be where I am today. Australia has brought the light into my life, more than ever I feel ALIVE. Also Australia has taught me that if you truly pour your heart into what you believe in, even if it makes you vulnerable, amazing things can and will happen. I’m tremendously grateful to have Greenwich College as part of my history in the making and I have no hesitation recommending the College to new students from Brazil. smile

Ana Maria Villegas Gomez
COLOMBIA 19/11/2014

My experience in Australia has been amazing so far. I’ve met a lot of places and also met a lot of people from all around the world which is very good for my english skills.
It’s very interesting to live in a city like Sydney which offers you a variety of places to visit and where you can connect to people from many different nationalities.

Rodrigo De Souza Coelho
BRAZIL 01/10/2014

Hello guys!
After more than 40 days living outside of Australia, hoping that my visa was approved, I finally returned. WITHOUT RESTRICTION!!
All because of the girls from WEST 1 Perth (Cintia, Carol, Viviane and Dani Koala).
Because my previous visa was super complicated, NO FURTHER STAY, which prevented me to renew within Australia and no agency wanted to take this risk, everyone said I could not renew it and even get rid of the restriction…
I want to thank you all at WEST 1 and especially Cintia who took my case, because if it was not for this angel I would be in Brazil right now.
Cintia, THANK YOU for mixture of immense professionalism with zeal you have shown for me (and all of your clients) to be helpful all the time and to solve my problems (and there were quite a few).
Actually you still keep supporting me ... lol
And I want to take this opportunity to wish you my sincere good wishes on this special day. Happy Birthday!!!
PS . I’m not disparaging the work of other agencies because I believe they all have excellent professionals, I’m just saying that WEST 1 IS THE BEST!!!!

Geise Rafaela da Silva de Moraes Favero
BRAZIL 26/08/2014

Hello everybody. I’ve been living in Sydney for almost two years. I will say here a little bit of my experience in this fantastic country.
At first it was very difficult, but do not be afraid, everything is a matter of time, be patient.
One of the biggest reasons that make us feel anxious is the fact that not always we would get jobs in our area, I will not say it’s impossible, but most of us students got casual jobs. This will be one of the best learning experiences you will have and it will certainly change your way of thinking.
To me the school can indeed be an amazing experience, there you will meet people from around the world, you will get to know stories, words, clothes, food, music and maybe meet a new love.
Sydney has wonderful places. I will not get into all of them, but particularly my favorite place is the Royal Botanic Garden. From there you can see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.
Those are not the only reasons why I like this place, the peace I feel when I’m there is inexplicable.
I know many Brazilians here and they helped me get a job and home.
In my second visa renewal I met a new family, and that family helped me make important decisions for my future here in Australia.
That for sure you already know and can tell you: you are with the right people. If he had chosen the WEST 1 before would certainly be easier.
To you who are packing their bags: enjoy your trip, to you that are thinking, think no more. Come and meet Sydney.

Thiago Emmanuel Furquim Silva
BRAZIL 25/08/2014

Since I first came I’m surprised with the quality of this country. Australia is incredible, beautiful lookups, beautiful beaches and everything seems to work as expected in a simple efficient way. This country is multicultural that holds heaps of opportunist, you just need to find them! So far my experiences here are been great and WEST1 helped me a lot, in any single thing that I needed since I came.

Bruno Sousa Lopes
BRAZIL 25/08/2014

I’ve been living in Australia for just over 3 years and it has been the most incredible experience ever.
I’ve met people and places that I will never forget. I have always been thankful to WEST 1 for being so good to me, even before I got here.
Since Sao Paulo, the whole team have been super nice, incredible service!!! I have always been happy for choosing WEST 1 because nowadays although I am not a student anymore, they are always willing to help no matter what.
My sister is now moving here in September and has also done the whole process with WEST1.
She’s been extremely delightful with the quality of customer services that WEST 1 has provided.


Bruna Almeida Gomes
BRAZIL 14/06/2017

At first, I thought I was only going to Australia, but later, it feels like I discovered Japan, Ethiopia, Peru, Czech Republic, China, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand, Oman, Colombia, and Turkey — everything on the same trip.
Many new people and their stories crossed my path and taught me new ways to say hello and goodbye.
How education, work, and relationships can be totally different.
Also, that smiles and friendships are a universal language.
Sydney is much more cosmopolitan than I was expecting, walking on the streets means hearing more languages than just English every day.
It is possible to find food from everywhere and see products from places that you never heard about before.
Other cities might be more what we expect from Australia (tanned, blond and athletic people).
However, in days like these when the world fights against discrimination and crisis living in a melting pot of nations, it helps us to remember that the world is bigger than our bellybutton and that empathy is the word of the future.
Traveling far away also means getting to know yourself.
You need to learn how to translate our culture and our flavours.
We teach that we speak Portuguese, not Spanish.
That the famous music is Samba, not Salsa — even if I always have to explain that I am Brazilian, but I am a terrible dancer.
We already know this, but it is good to remember that the world is big and we are so small, and the best thing is the journey and not how the things end.

Vanessa Avad Briz
BRAZIL 08/12/2015

Amazing experience.
Sad to have returned and not to stayed there longer.
It was worth every second.
And I had an amazing support from WEST 1 to realize this dream.