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UNSW Institute of Languages offers English language courses for international and local students, courses in other languages, language testing and language teacher training.

English classes include Academic English (English for University), Professional English (Business English, English for Law and English for Medical Professionals) and General English as well as IELTS test preparation.

English language programs are available at various levels and lengths and may be packaged with the UNSW Foundation Studies or a UNSW degree. UNSW Institute of Languages provides the best preparation for academic success at UNSW.


  MY TIME AT unsw global...

  • Bruna Almeida Gomes

    The teachers are great, they're friendly and helpful. If you ask for extra activities, they will always help you. They have a strong background in the field, doesn't matter if we are talking about General English, IELTS test preparation or Business class.For me, the best class was the IELTS preparation, the teachers are always pushing you to get your best, I really notice a great improvement in that term, they prepare you beyond the IELTS rules.If you choose to study there try to enjoy the environment, they have a nice library (I just have one complain because they don't allow the international students borrow books from the main library, just the language library), a huge garden on the main campus and they offer a lot of extra activities. In the end, I even got a job in one of the restaurants on the main campus.


    You need to know how to manage yourself between the classes they offer, don’t expect to them to do this for you. If I knew about this before I could have done more IELTS classes them General English, and manage yourself to try to find the classes with more mixture of nationalities. They have too many Chinese and Japanese students there, but it is possible to find more cosmopolitan classes.

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