SELC - Sydney English Language Centre

SELC was established in 1985 and now has an average 330 students in the Bondi campus and 180 students in the city-centre campus.

The school has the best teachers - all of them have a university degree, and are certified and experienced trainers.


  MY TIME AT selc bondi...

  • Bruna Silverio Pinto

    Excellent teachers with educational material that gives you all the support you need. We have all the support we need in and out of the classroom!


    In the absence of the teacher they have substitutes who are completely lost in the classroom. And because of their super “capacity” in the levels they end up creating “extra” levels that don’t really work. Eg: intermediate level / extra intermediate / upper intermediate. I don’t think that was a smart move coming from them. Lack of hygiene in the bathrooms because they have no one to keep them clean with so many students.

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  • Mariane Boschetti

    SELC is undoubtedly one of the best schools in Sydney. Friendly staff, trained teachers, very friendly, always available to students and stricts when they need it. With a good mix of nationalities, met and studied with people from all around the world, having the opportunity to interact with different accents, which greatly improved my pronunciation. The school's infrastructure is also great, comfortable classrooms, library, one of the best coffees prepared by the students and very affordable price. Ping-pong table, computer room, Wi-Fi, kitchen always clean and organised. Perfect location, occupying an entire floor of a building in Bondi Junction, which is one of the best neighbourhoods of the city, next to shopping malls, supermarkets, cafes, etc. In addition, I enjoyed most the extra curricular activities: tours, excursions, parties, barbecues, where I could make many friends who I will take for life and that was what made my experience in Australia one of the best I ever had.


    In the General English course, the student has to stay too much time on one level before moving on to the next one.

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  • Bruno Alexandre de Oliveira

    Good location, I loved when I used to finish class and go to the beach with friends. Teachers in a very good mood all the times, a great mix of nationalities with a great support to the student with difficulty!


    I would invest more in the school’s infrastructure!

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  • Bruna Serafini Paiva

    The school is very good. I think the teachers very attentive and interested.


    Somethimes I thought they had many students in the same class.

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  • Julio Pastorelli

    Great educational quality with very qualified teachers. The school environment is very nice. Teachers and staff are really helpful and have a very good relationship with the students. The school also offers a variety of extra activities which is great for student's integration. They can make friends easily.


    Even with the quality of teaching been good, the course fee is high, considering the infrastructure offered by the school. Most students are asians: the school does not have a great mix of nationalities.

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  • Monica Estevam Fagundes

    SELC has surprised me since the first day. The school has a monthly system which the students are assessed and relocated to different levels after 4 weeks. This way, when you start the course, it's in a new class just with new students as well. The environment is excellent, also the school has extra activities which is perfect to help the integration of students. Great and very professional teachers. During the 2 years I lived in Australia I studied in 3 different schools in Sydney, and without any doubt, SELC was the best one.


    Nothing negative to comment.

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