ILSC Sydney

At ILSC Australia, you get to create your own unique learning path to reach your dreams, and ILSC is there to support you every step of the way.

ILSC Australia offers a wide variety of language courses and programs to choose from, in areas like Communication, English for Academic Purposes, Test Preparation, Business, Humanities, Internship, and more.

With a variety of accommodation options and fun adventures and activities to participate in, studying at ILSC in Australia will be an unforgettable experience!


  MY TIME AT ilsc sydney...

  • Rosana Aparecida Benatti

    The school has policies that help on the development of the students, like the one that only English is allowed at the school premisses, even if you talk to a student os your own nationality. For each session we have the opportunity to change teachers and that also helps in the learning process.


    Due to the number of students some classes are really hard to get in, like the Cambridge.

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  • Natalia Gauditano Oliveira

    I only did the Cambridge course at ILSC, which was very good. The school is well located and has a few different programs for the student.


    Many Brazilians at the school. Even with the “english policy”, we hear portuguese everywhere. The kitchen is small for the amount of students. In the Cambridge course you don’t keep the material when your course finishes, and we have no online support.

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  • Victoria Caroline Elias Perestrelo

    School well located.


    In the vocational course I did: There was no class. Students didn’t turn up. I haven’t learned much.

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  • Ana Carolina Alves Machado

    I really enjoyed studying at ILSC. I had good teachers and classmates and i Felt I got a lot out of the course in only 14 weeks of learning. The teachers were very attentive and charismatic and it was well-situated with great infrastructure.


    The classrooms had many people of the same nationality, not being very well-distributed.

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  • Monica Estevam Fagundes

    Good infrastructure and location.


    Weak on business courses.

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  • Whisley Ismael Nunes Dos Santos

    It's got great infrastructure and a relaxed atmosphere. The support is excellent, principally for those who are just taking baby steps in the language; clearly the student needed to give a return by making the effort him/herself. The location is the best possible, being right next to Town Hall; one of the busiest stations having connections to many other stations; also easily accessible by bus. The classes are very dynamic and relaxed. What makes you focused isn't boring or tiring, whether it be the day or night class. The way in which the teacher runs the class, introducing new information followed by fixed learning, which reduces the chance of forgetting something.


    From my point of view, the only thing I disliked was the day class. I won’t say I didn’t learn anything, but when I needed to move to the night class due to work, I noticed that the teaching was much better and the teacher demanded a lot more from you. If you hear the opposite, that the night class isn’t good due to the large number of Brazilians, I disagree. Due to the fact that 99% of the classroom is of latin origin, the pronunciation is much cleaner and I’m learning a lot more compared to that other classroom which was mixed where I didn’t understand much. The teacher and the way in which the class was run was basic and insufficient.

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  • Cid Teles de Lima

    Great school. No doubt was one of the best that I studied so far.


    A little more support for students would be good.

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  • Paula Cecilio de Oliveira

    Good relationship between teachers and students. English policy very good and it helped everyone to improve their english.


    Teachers sometimes don’t explain so well and they choose our level wrong.
    They should pay attention in your improvements better.

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  • Vinicius Antonietti Garcia

    ILSC is a better school to begin to flow your English, with qualified teachers and great location.


    The school would need to have an alternative to exchange students of the same language to have a better level of learning.

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  • Mariana Venturi

    Studying material and location are excellent.


    Redundant topics for the assessments always focused on international students as a market. Seems to be the interest of the school instead of a more broad market.

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  • Juan de Lima de Souza

    I came here totally lost in the language and ILSC taught me a lot. I felt like I was in pre school again experiencing the good feeling of learning completely new things. Today I feel accomplished and very confident enough to talk and that I owe to ILSC because of all their dedication to the students. They helped me a lot in this first phase of my life in Australia and made me climb a step further in this long run. I Really have no words to describ ite. The teachers are patient, classes are interactive as well.


    The school like many others is very expensive. Regarding the material; I used my book just four times because they print many papers instead of using the own school material. The school like many others has many Brazilians which is not very good if you are trying to improve the language.

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  • Jean Michel Villa Dias

    School has a good infrastructure, good localization.


    School is somewhat unorganised, specially reception.

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  • Cintia Cristina Palu

    The location and infrastructure are really good.


    I think they put students with a very different level in the same class making advanced students waste their time. Also when I spoke with the school about it nobody gave it the proper attention.

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  • Kamila Capozzi de Abreu

    Flexibility. Some teachers are good, interested and helpful.


    Not much material.

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  • Lucas Majewski Pombo

    Good location.


    Mixed levels and terrible teachers.
    I had only one very good.

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  • Monique Pimentel Machado

    Great classes. Ability to integrate students with variety of extra activities. Cambridge class was very focused, I learned much more than in the normal English class.


    I had no problem with the classes and the school, but I believe the school should do more external classes in places such as cafes, restaurants and parks instead of the normal routine. We went to a cafe on the last day of class and it was super cool.

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  • Aline Cesario da Silva

    The school has good infrastructure and good location in the city center with easy access.


    Although the computer room is very large,  it isn’t available all the time because when there is class running, the teachers ask for people who are using the computers at that time to leave. Many times when I was in the middle of an assignment I had to stop, wait for hours, or come back another day, which was quite uncomfortable because I do not have a computer at home. There are 4 computers outside the computer room which are always busy… In my opinion, the school should have a specific computer room only for classes.

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  • Guilherme Corbetta Paciornik

    Good teachers who are always available to help with our assessments and remove our doubts.


    The assessments were poorly written. They noticed this many times and sought to rewrite them/change the questions in the middle of the module. This meant that sometimes I started doing the work and then lost everything because they changed the whole assessment.

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  • Rogerio Jose Lopes

    The school has a modern and good infrastructure, with dedicated teachers ready to help whenever you need. The location is great, near to everything you need.


    As I studied in the morning and evening, I could see the lack of nationality mix. In the morning most students are from Asia and in the evening most of them are Brazilians. The school needs to sort out this problem as it encourages students to speak their native language.

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  • Hanna Cristina Moreno de Sousa

    I had good teachers. The school has a very good facilities, always organizss events and parties for the students. It has a good variety of classes in the afternoon and the quality of education is really good.


    Despite seeming to be a good thing, the “English only” rule is not so effective and there is no exception to it. One time I needed to talk to my parents on skype while I was at school and I received a warning because I wasn’t speaking in english.

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  • Marcelo Romera Dell Osso

    IELTS and Cambridge teachers are the best and these are the most "hard" classes, which helps a lot in the learning process. They have a rule to speak only in English at school.


    Many Brazilians!

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  • Whisley Ismael Nunes Dos Santos

    The location is the best, right in the heart of the city. It has a great infrastructure. Support to student (in my case for Brazilians) was the best. It has great teachers, like the one I had.


    You pay for the material but you can not make any notes and must return in the end of the course. Cleaning of the bathrooms was made at the time that students were arriving in the college. I was taking a shower once and the cleaner was pissed off and was screaming to everyone.

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  • Louise Parenza

    The school has a very good structure and many classes options (speaking, pronunciation, etc).


    I think there were many students per class and this made it a bit hard to learn because when few students did not learn the content, the whole class was stuck.

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  • Vinicius Nascimento Malheiros

    The school has a great infrastructure, helpful teachers, activities to connect the students, outdoor activities.


    The school has grown considerably. Back in the time when I studied there the high number of students jeopardised everything a little bit, but I believe that as they are expanding the campus, they will be able to fit all the students.

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  • Diego Rocha Vargas

    Compared with another schools around Australia, ILSC has a good student support and infrastructure. They allow you to feel free to contact them and the assessments deadline are easy to acomplished


    If you need a book or movie they don’t allow you to keep it for more than 2 days. That means you have to hand it back and borrow it again.

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  • Anderson de Andrade

    Teachers were very helpful, and we got lots of different activities, talking in English all the time, playing quizzes and making new friends from many different countries.


    The only thing that I really don’t liked was the price. The school is too much expensive, such as the rent and the public transport.

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