Greenwich English College SYDNEY

Since established in 2005, Greenwich English College has been an innovative leader within the English language and Cambridge Examination. The reputation of the College, the growing number of college/university partnerships, and the continuous student satisfaction feedback is testament to the success of not only our English Language programs but also of our staff who have helped Greenwich English College establish a culture focusing on students and their needs.


  MY TIME AT greenwich...

  • Rebeca Macias Marino

    Greenwich was an excellent school for the Cambridge course. Was the best course I've done so far.


    About General English, the course wasn’t very productive, because there are a lot of funny games, however, we did not come here to play, but to study and often these games seems a waste of time.

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  • Sarita Rosa

    Great teachers, great teaching method and activities in the classroom. Teachers dedicated to teach.


    No cons.

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  • Igor Rodrigues Motta

    Really nice teachers. Good Cambridge course. Good IELTS preparation course.


    Kitchen and bathrooms were always dirty.
    Internet never worked.

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  • Paula Lima da Costa

    Greenwich is a very good school. The structure and the nationality mix are good. I studied with only a few Brazilians.


    Not all teachers are Australians or experienced. They are qualified, but some of them are not ready to teach low level classes. I also found the General English classes a bit boring as they are designed for younger students who don’t work.

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  • Carulini Santos de Andrade

    Without doubt, the best thing about the school is the teachers and thee extra material they bring to class. Even during the night classes the standard is excellent, which doesn't seem to be the case at other schools. I had this unfortunate experience at my first school.


    The school infrastructure isn’t the best so there are a lot of Brazilians studying at night.

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  • Lucas Contin Matheus

    Excellent teachers, great quality... Perfect for those who wants to learn.


    Infrastructure is poor, very often bathrooms are broken, not enough room for everybody, insufficient microwaves and the most expensive vendor machine of all schools!

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  • Murilo Fernandes Rodrigues de Macedo

    Well located. Good quality. Good teachers.


    Price: even though it offers good quality and good teachers, in my opinion the school is expensive.

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  • Melisa Ganame

    The school location is great, it has two campus one in the City and another in Ultimo. I had classes in Ultimo campus and for me it was the best because there is plenty of space and big classrooms.


    The first 3 weeks of the IELTS course was not to good because of the teacher but the cambridge course was good.
    About the receptionists they think that we don’t speak English and they treat us like a baby.
    They don’t give complete information and is totally bureaucratic.
    City campus is too crowded.

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  • Caroline Bonetto

    The school is incredible! Everyone gives you a special attention, and receives you really well. I like all the teachers! They are very polite and really know how to teach. I think the price fits perfectly all that school offers.


    One thing that I didn’t like on the school was the mix of nationalities, that in the end is not so mixed. There were a lot of Brazilians in all the classes. Too many Brazilians for in the school.

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  • Joao Augusto Ferri Rodrigues

    The school is great, fun, convenient and the education system and the classes are excellent.


    Too many Brazilians and no Australians

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  • Vivian Regina Adario

    Great support. Priscila who works on marketing does everything she can for the Brazilians.


    Teachers are tough with attendance, some students are hard working and need some extra attention, 15 minutes is not nearly enough. Too many asians… They should organise nationality groups. The kitchen isn’t clean and it has nothing with which to be cleaned, no detergent or even a sponge to do the dishes. Also a useless note is stuck on the wall saying that we need to wash the dishes… how ?! with water ? School is too expensive for this kind of treatment

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  • Anderson Sanita Trevisan

    The school has a good mix of nationalities with well trained teachers and a spectacular environment.


    Number of bathrooms and kitchen space for students.

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  • Danilo Pigosso Volpe

    Cambridge course is great and Roxy, the director, is a lovely person.


    In my first two weeks I had the worst teachers in the General English course that I could ever imagine.
    The business course didn’t help me at all and the teacher, Mike, I can classify him as the worst teacher in the school.

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  • Micheli Andreia Tonkio




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  • Victor Mazzei Madi

    The teachers are very dedicated to teaching you. Even though the class is a group, they tend to treat everyone separately, helping you to correct certain common errors and improve your english rapidly. What is cool was that you just have to ask your teacher about your level of English if you wish to switch levels or go to a more advanced class (sometimes for the same price) and thus improve even more quickly.


    I don’t have too much to say about this. The school provided me with everything I needed and thus has mad me recommend it to anyone wishing for a great learning experience. I always recommend the preparatory course for the Caabridge test, which helped to improve quicker than the general English course (which at the start is essential), but with more daily structure and foreign people. 10 out of 10.

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  • Isabella Maria Zuchetto Ferreira

    Great teachers. Strong FCE course.


    Bad microwaves.
    Some classrooms had only japanese and brazilians.
    Weak General English course… like in Brazil.

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  • Thiago Pagonha Alves

    My feelings towards Greenwich are mixed as I really liked the first course I did but hated the second. Because of this I put 5 for the quality of teaching as I gave the first course 10 and the second 0. My first course was the EAP and I really liked the teachers Justin Moon and gemma Tamock. They have a teaching method which is very different to what we're accustomed to in Brazil with group classes. I improved my English a lot doing the short courses and speeches that they asked for. They are fun and able to express themselves in class in a very interesting way. When i went to do the CAE, they transferred me to the Kelly Street Campus (AIT). It's very big and has a nice feel, despite being far from the station. The kitchen doesn't get busy like the one In Pitt Street. Concerning location, It's just as good as Pitt Street being close to Central Station and a lot of transport options such as the bus. It also has a lot of restaurants and shops nearby. The infrastructure in general is good; so like the Pitt street Campus, the one on Kelly offers comfortable chairs and tables and computer rooms for us to use. There is wi-fi at the school, although it doesn't work too well when you have 500 students using it; but when there are only a few students it works really well.


    In contrast, I hated the CAE course with the teacher Steve Tsiokos who calls every student an idiot or stupid. In my opinion, this is a lack of respect and ruins students’ motivation to go to class. The course repeats the same things because it’s focused on the test so the classes are very monotonous and one don’t learn anything apart from decorating fixed expressions for the test. Also, I didn’t like the support from the director of studies, Roxana Ene. When i needed a holiday to be able to work more than 40 hours in only 2 weeks as I would soon return to normal, she declined saying that i would miss 2 weeks of class; incredible how 3 students could do this and I couldn’t-very unfair. The kitchens of the Pitt Street campus are very full and it seems to me that the school has more students than it can handle, at least in the morning period. It’s no wonder why they moved us to the Kelly Street Campus, which was better at the end of the day because of this very reason. The majority of students are Brazilian and this can be bad because we’ll get lazy and speak Portuguese when we don’t have people from other nationalities close by. However at the same time it can be good as we have things in common to talk about which can help us

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  • Débora Lopes Jacques

    I had lots of good experiences at Greenwich.


    In the reception some people sometimes are in a bad mood.

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  • Juliana Patrocinio De Moraes




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  • Aline Ferreira das Neves




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  • Chrystoffer Akira Ykemoto

    First of all, Greenwich is located in the heart of the CBD next to World Square, so it is very convenient. Secondly, Greenwich's staff are so nice, and if you ever need some help you can count on them as they are willing to help students. And you can talk to them as a friend as there is no distance between students and staff. In each class, there are 12 - 14 students on average, so it is not a big class and the teacher gives good attention to each student. Teachers are good at teaching and I learned heaps. There is a Speaking Club from 3 pm to 4 pm - Monday to Wednesday. It was important to practise my english even more and make some friends. I don't have any complaints about Greenwich at all as it is definitely the best school.


    The only thing that “I didn’t like” is the lunch time because Cambridge courses/English for Business courses have a different lunch time to that of the General English courses elsewhere. Maybe it’s because it has new students commencing every week while Cambridge courses/English for Business has students just starting every month. However this structure is not only at Greenwich so I reckon all English schools do the same.

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  • Douglas Fernandes das Neves Junior

    Teachers willing to teach and always helpful.


    Old computers and little space in the kitchen for students.

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  • Renan Yukio Kuroki

    The Cambridge course is really good. Actually, the teacher (Justin) is definitely one of the best teachers that I met. And I could meet others very good teachers there.


    The infrastructure could be a bit better. There could be more space like a “lounge” for students (to relax and interact)

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  • Flavia Dos Santos Barbaro De Brito

    Teachers for me ... are THE BEST!


    Many students in one class, 20 students for 1 teacher?!?

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  • Erivelto Paulo Dos Santos

    Teachers are very thoughtful and they have good knowledge of the english language.


    Infrastructure needs to be improved. One of the lifts broke down on my second day at the school and they took 20 days to fix it.

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  • Paulo Eduardo de Jesus Teles

    Excellent teachers. Great location.


    All classrooms should have TVs for teachers to be able to put some videos on, as well as ILSC. Evening nationality mix. Chairs and tables are uncomfortable and in some situations the student seats with the back to the blackboard.

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  • Ana Maria Villegas Gomez

    In general the school is of really good quality and is a great place to learn English as a second language. The tools to learn English, such as the books and the meetings after class which deepen one's understanding of certain aspects, help to improve the student's understanding of the language.


    The education should be a little more personalised. The groups have between 18 and 20 students which makes the interaction with teachers in order to focus on weaknesses, difficult.

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  • Thiago Emmanuel Furquim Silva

    Greenwich is definitely a great school. The location and the teachers are great. They offer you support in your native language if necessary. The building consists of 3 levels so it is a great place.


    Like everything in life, nothing is 100%. In some cases, I feel a difference in the treatment of students. Different from what normally happens in Australia, I felt a certain , whether it was social or financial.

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    Loved the time I studied in Greenwich. During the FCE course I had an excellent teacher and the quality of education was very good. I will never forget that when we were preparing for the test, the teacher was very supportive to all of us and I'm sure, that made all the difference! The students were more confident in the day of the test.


    At the time I was studying in Greenwich, unfortunately the infrastructure was very bad. Were few bathrooms, small and some of them broken. The school didn’t have many computers and this wasn’t very good for the student’s development.

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  • Giliane de Souza Lira

    Excellent teachers. Excellent school for anyone wanting to study academic-level courses such as the Cambridge and IELTS. Great location, being directly in the centre of the city. They don't have compulsory classes on fridays for those who study in the mornings to suit those who work in hospitality; lots of restaurants, cafes and shops need people to work on the weekends.


    The mix of nationalities was better when I first arrived 1.5 years ago. It increased the number of Brazilian students which I believe slowed my learning. It increased the number of students generally, consequently the level of teaching dropped over the last 1.5 years.

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  • Diego Luiz Rodrigues do Valle

    De maneira geral a escola é muito boa. Algumas professoras são simplesmente fantásticas, com uma postura adequada para uma sala de aula, didática excelente.


    Excesso de infantilidade nas salas de aula dos níveis mais baixos, muitas vezes me senti em uma pré-escola.
    Muitos jogos que na minha visão, não agregam e nem fixam o conteúdo ensinado, jogos que precisava ficar correndo para fora da sala de aula, ler uma frase e voltar correndo para ditar a frase para o outro aluno, nesse tipo de jogo, era uma bagunça, galera se esbarrando e pelo menos na minha visão, não acrescentava nada.
    Em alguns momentos salas super lotadas, com a maioria dos alunos reclamando desta condição, com exceção dos alunos que pareciam que frequentavam a aula para brincar, para esses sala super lotada não era problema.

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  • Thais Meira Pinto Franzolin

    Good teaching method, teachers and infrastructure.


    After some time the dynamic of the class and the content become repetitive and somewhat tiring

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  • Gabriela Novais

    The college offers a very good infrastructure, good teachers and materials. I super recommend for those who are coming, even more to Cambridge courses.


    Like all educational structures (even in Brazil) the best time to study is during the morning. General English classes become more tiring for those who already know english a bit, so I suggest you go straight to Cambridge.

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  • Valter Roberto Mendes

    I think that all my teachers gave me the necessary support for improving my skills in English Language. To get at school by train or bus was easy as well. Another positive point was the fact that there were many people from different countries studying together every day.


    In my point of the view, there were to much people from Asia in the same classroom.

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  • Gualter De Azevedo Sales

    Teaching method, reception, parties and events. In general good teachers.


    Price. Receptionists don’t know much about certain issues. Lack of communication, mainly in the first week.

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  • Keila Klinkerfus Bueno

    The teaching method is very good, extra curricular activities are very nice and in general teachers are very good.


    The school communication with students is a little failure and some teachers seems not to have the same atyle and joy to teach than others.

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  • Ricardo Novais de Andrade

    The teachers have a great knowledge about the subject, they always push you harder to study; you can get your results quickly.


    due to the bad internet quality, the school infrastructure is poor, they should get it better in order to attract more students. Another thing is: when you change from morning to evening classes, you do not get the difference back, some other schools gave the students some additional weeks.

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