ELSIS - English Language School in Sydney (ECA) | Sydney

The English Language School in Sydney, also known as ELSIS, has been teaching English to students from all parts of the world since 1991.

ELSIS nationality mix makes the school a vibrant place to study and learn English quickly and make friends from all over the world, including South East Asia, South America and Europe, in a friendly atmosphere, with excellent facilities, in a great location and exceptional student services.

Besides quality education, at ELSIS students have other services to make their experience in Australia a truly unique experience. Many social activities and its Job Club program that provide information and other tools to help students find a job in Australia are the highlights, along with its teachers and friendly staff that are qualified and ready to help students with any questions or simply settle in Australia.

The school prides itself on being a boutique school with a welcoming atmosphere that is both supportive and encouraging.

In a nutshell, ELSIS provides much more than great education!


  MY TIME AT elsis...

  • Raimundo Paulo Alves Oliveira

    Very cool teachers.


    The difference between the morning and evening class is huge.

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  • Fernanda Carvalho Bastos

    I made good friends, and there are some good teachers who really loves teach us.


    The college swap our teacher in the middle of the Cambridge course, which wasn’t good for the students, as the original teacher was really good, and the new one doesn’t seem very good qualified for the specific class.

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  • Eduardo Corbellini Vurdel

    Awesome teachers, students and location. I had a great time studying there.


    Doesn’t have a big mix of nationalities, but still worth it.

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  • Geise Rafaela da Silva de Moraes Favero

    The study is taken seriously. Teachers are always ready to help you with an incredible patience.


    I have a big problem with the seats; in some of seats in the rooms you can raise your arm but as I’m left-handed it’s a bit uncomfortable.

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  • Rafael Alves Bezerra



    At all times people only speak Portuguese.

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  • Icaro Martins Sampaio

    The school has good teachers. Good facilities.


    Teaching method.

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  • Monica Cristina Plaza Da Silva

    Great location and the IELTs course is really good


    The class was too full some weeks; Not enough different tasks to keep you motivated to go to class.

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  • Caroline Santos Caramel

    Handy location close to train station. Good timetables classes


    School facilities are very basic and old. There isn’t mix of nationalities, many Brazilians in the same room.

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  • Juliana Lopes Nascimento



    Too many brazilians.

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  • Renata Cristina Gonçalves Magalhães

    The mix of nationalities is very good and the teacher I had was very dedicated and always available to help and clear up any doubts. My classes were from 8am to 1:50pm and Friday was optional. The school made the teachers available to anyone who had doubts or needed help with starting work.


    In my opinion, the test used to sort new students was not very efficient because the difference between the levels of the students was very clear. Also, as a new student would join every week, the teacher needed to go back over the themes and computer classes which was very unproductive.

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