ELS Universal English College | SYDNEY

ELS UEC is one of the oldest and best respected English language schools in Australia.
The school has a great nationality mix and the students have achieved great success over the years.


  MY TIME AT els...

  • Luciano Tessare Bopp

    School gives much attention to students with good teachers in the daytime.


    I had to switch to nighttime and the teaching method, because of the teacher is very bad compared to daytime (no didactic or patient staff). It is also only one level, so you can’t develop much in the evening class. Besides having many Brazilians, but that was general in both periods.

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  • Gracyo Braga Dutra

    School very well located and with few student in a classroom.


    Changing of teachers and all with different teaching methodologies. Class with a poor mix of nationalities (almost a Brazilian classroom). Delay in delivering support materials and the cost-benefit well below my expectations.

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  • Clariana Bagolin Morais

    I liked the facilities, the australian teacher and to learn english.


    The mix of nationalities wasn’t the best.

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