Cass Training International College provides a unique and life changing experience for students wanting to learn English.


  MY TIME AT cass training...

  • Amilca Batista de Souza Morais

    Material is really good


    Infrastructure is bad

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  • Deborah de Góes Ramos Conrado

    I had a really good teacher who was good, instructive, strict and dedicated. This was the best thing about this school.


    50% of students were Brazilians which wasn’t good at all for us to learn. It was like we were in Brazil studying English.

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  • Hector Sanchez

    Flexible, very good located and excellent teachers.


    Nationality mix is not very good.

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  • Paulo Ricardo Pias Viana

    Very good facilities.


    They don’t know how to choose your english level.

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  • Gilmar Ribeiro Silva

    The school offers great structure to its students. The practice of English is in use all the time at the school, creating greater incentive. Education programs like exclusive weeks of interaction between students from all courses and levels allow people to improve even more and learn a bit about each culture from the mix of nationalities that the school has. The choice of school made together with West1 was fundamental in my decision and I can guarantee that it was very worthwhile. I remember all the good times I spent at school. I had all the support imaginable and I was warmly welcomed by both students and teachers and can say that a sense of family was created in Australia. These are things that will be difficult to forget. I have only good memories and respect for the school and for the support from my agency provided while I have been in Australia.


    I don’t have anything bad to say in regards to the school, only good things.

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  • Ana Luisa Guimaraes Carvalho Barbosa

    I like the support of the student service. The location is great, being near the subway and bus stop. I had three teachers in total and two of them were excellent.


    I found the material not to be very instructive. The school infrastructure is not good.

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