APC - Australian Pacific College

Established in 1993 (accredited in 1994)

Our programs are designed to maximise the academic potential of each student and open pathways and opportunities through education. A comprehensive and challenging curriculum has been developed to offer maximum flexibility for students to achieve their academic and professional goals. It is delivered by highly dedicated teachers with extensive experience in guiding students to reach their full potential.

• Our core values

“Dedicated to Quality, Equity and Advancement”

• Our mission

to strive to provide quality education in a fair and equitable manner, without prejudice or compromise, to ensure the successful advancement of our students’ educational or professional pathway

ELICOS centre accredited by NEAS

RTO offering VET courses


  MY TIME AT apc sydney...

  • Anna Luiza Silva de Almeida

    Great location and also the school is not so strict.


    No cons.

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  • Marcel Armentano Javarini

    Support of staff and teachers.


    No comments.

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  • Holberth Hurtado Munoz

    The IELTS course is excellent and I believe it is because of the teachers. Great attention also of the reception staff.


    Nationality mix is not very good in the evening.

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  • Andrea Cristina Palumbo

    The school is located very close to my place which is very handy. The timetable is also good and I can work more days per week. I met new friends and even if they had changed their courses we'd still remain in contact. They provide a computer room and also free use of printing. The staff are very professional and they are always ready to help us, not only for educational matters but also with jobs, documentation, etc.


    Some teachers are nice but I had bad experiences with a few of them which is a shame. I think the website makes the course seem more attractive than it really is.

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  • Vinicius Antonietti Garcia

    Have a great school.


    A lot of Brazilian Students.

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  • Luana Borges da Silva

    Good location. Teachers encourage students to be self-taught. For those not interested in studying and do not have much time, there are several opportunities to redo work.


    The teachers are not very interested if the student is not learning and everyone on their own. Many of them do not give out the planned content. In the tutorials the teacher is not necessarily available (they are the people who know about the content), so it’s pretty normal to have students come and still have doubts.

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  • Audrey Trevisan

    For those who want to learn, it's a great school.


    Some teachers are very closed minded for other cultures. Like Syed who teaches Marketing Activities, who was often making comparisons between Western and Eastern cultures and behaviour. Nothing that was related to the subject.

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  • Daniela Yamaguti

    I have learnt in 2 different APC Units, Sydney and Brisbane.Sydney-> administration is excellent, easy going and easy to talk with; teachers, I had a teacher in Communication in Certificate IV, he is amazing teacher.Brisbane-> My first and last teacher in Diploma were incredible teachers, they have the skill to teach naturally.


    Sydney-> I had a teacher who was more worry about his job than teach properly.Brisbane-> administration is good with the students but mess as well. I had different information about the same topic.

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  • Erika Shizue Hokama

    Good value for money, great location and good flexibility.


    The quality of education is not the best but I believe it is up to you to take advantage of the course.

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  • Hemon Aurelien

    Location is great. Teachers available and supporting, some are just great at what they do. Programs are pretty much up to date and flexible organisation (day and night classes) There's actually a lot to learn if you want to.


    Some teachers were just bad with no knowledge of their subject and no pedagogy either, pretty useless and time consuming.
    Most of the students (though nice) didn’t look interested or involved into the course, most of them never showed up.
    Some of the assessments were obviously copied from the internet.
    APC doesn’t own the building on Kent St and so can’t modernise it: it looks old.
    Material (computer, lessons book) are few and some doesn’t work properly.

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  • Artur Henrique Farias Lopes

    Well, everything was nice at APC, from the location to the classes. In particular, I had a teacher with a very good knowledge of the subject and a good, dynamic way of teaching. That helped us a lot in the learning process. The student services assistance was also very good as they used to help the students with any necessary information and were always very polite, even when they couldn't directly assist. They normally advised us to talk to the director of the institution who was also very helpful with any request. However, my teacher Grant was the person who had the greatest influence on my knowledge of the school.


    I think everything was a discovery, everything very good at the school. I have no complaints.

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  • Guilherme Luiz da Conceição

    Very good location.


    The Teachers, staff and structure are terrible. The classrooms have no windows and are full of students. Teachers are not willing to help at all. APC in Manly is a bit better.

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  • Maryellem Braga Sobreira Loures



    Lack of teacher’s motivation.

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  • Roberta Andreolli

    It's got an easy rhythm to follow and the amount of Brazilians in the classes isn't too great, generally being composed of varying nationalities. The location is great as it's close to the train, bus and the area is well organised.


    The timetable for accounting is very inflexible, for example I only have the option of studying on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The conditions leave a bit to wish for as the work spaces are stuffy and cramped.

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  • Luis Enrique Herrera Cortes

    Great assistance from teachers. Very effective classes.


    Everything so good.

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  • Sophie Heaven

    Location, Bondi Junction is helpful. Friendly reception staff. Just a note - it says at the top Sydney Kent Street, but I was located and studied at Bondi junction - APC College.


    Computer lab: all computers were quite slow.
    Some of teaching quality was quite poor for one of my subjects.
    Difficulty in understanding some teachers accent.

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  • Juliana de Bellis Pereira

    APC is a school with good quality education, convenient location and access to students, excellent infrastructure and support from the staff and teachers. The cost benefit is reasonably good compared to other schools.


    In discussing the material, I believe it could be better quality, more descriptive,/detailed and included in the course because before it was and now we have to pay for it. This is not fair if we consider the quality of the books.

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  • Lais Dutra Couto

    The school's location is great, the classes outside the classroom along with students from other classes are essential to interact and learn new words. Teachers give you all the attention and help you to go through what they call "homesick".


    The school has many brazilian students.

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  • Marina Nunes Toscano

    Well localized.


    Rooms bit hot in the summer.  Teachers feel lost while presenting the subjects and I felt they have no patience to explain more details when it’s asked for. Missing more kindness from them regarding to the students support .

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