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Lucas Martins Bortolotti
BRAZIL 23/07/2017
  8.6 Very Good

Organização do transporte público, facilidade de encontrar trabalho (desde que você queira trabalhar), australianos são muito receptivos (há exceções).


Transporte público caro, custo de vida elevado, muitos brasileiros.

Guilherme Dos Santos Zavattaro
BRAZIL 28/06/2017
  6.1 Reasanable

Great place to live and work. Gives you a full understanding of the Australian work environment and opportunities are everywhere.


Not much of the aussie lifestyle as the biggest part of residents are foreigners.

Guilherme Puyol
BRAZIL 23/06/2017
  8.8 Very Good

Diversity, equality, beauty, safety


Far away from Brazil and everything too expensive

Mayra Sayuri ykeizumi
BRAZIL 01/06/2017
  6.0 Reasanable

Nature! Sydney is amazing due to the variety of thing to do related to nature!Everywhere you look there’s a different and unbelievable view, national parks and heaps of amazing beaches!If you are a bush walker like me, Sydney will get you for sure!


Such a high cost of living. It’s not easy for a student.It’s hard to pay a college and not even have an student opal.Whys that?!

Ekaterina Petukhova
null 30/05/2017
  7.1 Good

Good and positive environment, a lot opportunities to be entertained.


Cost of living is very high, poor medic help and not good insurance that you can not to rely on.

Leonardo Jordao Franca
BRAZIL 10/05/2017
  7.6 Good

There is lots of jobs opportunities and the Brazilian community helps you a lot. And you can go quite everywhere with public transportation.


It’s the exspensiest place in Australia. And the moust busy to. And COLD. I went to the beach (on summer) and the wind was cold….....

Diego Nery
BRAZIL 05/04/2017
  8.7 Very Good

All the best



Patricia Carvalho Whyte Gailey
BRAZIL 30/03/2017
  9.4 Excellent

Life style, outdoor activities. You don’t need so much to be happy, the city offer everything: culture, beach, night life, parks, music…


Sydney is expensive and competitive, must come here aware about it.

Sardar Muhammad Abdullah
PAKISTAN 17/03/2017
  7.9 Good

Beautiful Sydney city and whole country Is green and blue !


Migration is making hard to get new visa. Should give PR to everyone who is living here for more than 4 year.

Glaucia Guarnieri Claudio Zaniolli
BRAZIL 14/02/2017
  8.4 Very Good

I can speak English with different nationality and my school is the best!


Some people haven’t patience with beginners.

Dayane Mara Neves Riello
BRAZIL 06/02/2017
  6.2 Reasanable

Good and quick access to the beach. Nice restaurants.


Expansive transport and rent. Old buildings related to share accommodation.

Rafael Alves Bezerra
BRAZIL 01/02/2017
  8.3 Very Good




Davit Epremidze
GEORGIA 17/01/2017
  6.3 Reasanable

Public transport, great environment + nature + constructions.



Caroline Santos Caramel
BRAZIL 08/12/2016
  8.9 Very Good

Sydney is a big city and completely clean, organised and safety.
Public transportation works perfectly and the trains and buses aren’t damaged.
Streets and avenues are clean and super signalised.
You have many options of national parks in the city and inner city as well.
And I won’t forget to tell about the beaches, all of them are beautiful!


But on the other hand, live here is expensive if you compare with another cities in Australia.
Public transportation is expensive, rent is expensive, food, drink and supermarket as well.

Aline Ferreira das Neves
null 25/11/2016
  9.0 Excellent




Victor Augusto Pinto Alves Soares
BRAZIL 25/05/2016
  6.5 Reasanable

Beautiful city, good public transport, good job opportunities.


In general, more expensive if compared with other Australian cities.

Ana Flavia Rangel da Camara
BRAZIL 01/05/2016
  8.5 Very Good

Entertainment options.


A bus driver and a security guard at Taronga Zoo.

Priscilla Ribeiro Accioly Pinto
BRAZIL 16/03/2016
  8.3 Very Good



Very high cost of living.

Fernando Arduini
BRAZIL 15/03/2016
  8.2 Very Good

Sydney is a special city by itself, surrounded by a fantastic harbour and thousands of parks, not to mention the astonishing beaches.
Moreover, its multiculturalism is that represents the real essence of Sydney in 2016.
Coffee, beer, cocktails, beach, fitness, barbecues…
Yes, that’s the start for those who want to be a Sydneysider!


Cons…“UnReal” estate pricesBus and train delaysLockup lawsNot having my family and close friends with me

Helena Angelica Pereira Batatinha
BRAZIL 14/03/2016
  8.7 Very Good

Sydney lifestyle.
Beach after work.
Water sports.


So expensive.

Jessica Marques Ferian
null 14/02/2016
  7.7 Good

The safety and the beauty make me want to stay here forever.
Also they have good opportunities of jobs and nice options of low cost entertainment (festivals, markets, beaches…)


The cost of living is too high and depending where you live you don’t have a lot of options of public transport.

Flavia Chimello Cavalcante Oliveira
BRAZIL 13/01/2016
  7.9 Good

Sydney is an amazing place to live with many choices, opportunities and perfect places to visit.
It’s a paradise!


The problem is that you have to pay school for live here.

Matheus Arns Gib
BRAZIL 22/12/2015
  9.0 Excellent

The city is awesome.
The beaches are beautiful as well as the parks.
We always have many entertainment options in the free time.
The nightlife is also excellent.


Sometimes it can be difficult to go places far from the city, specially because of the lack of trains.

Vinicius Antonietti Garcia
BRAZIL 26/08/2015
  7.8 Good

The city is beautiful in every season, a great quality of life.


The city offers some job opportunities for foreigners, but they could improve opportunities and facilitate for people who are helping their country.

André Luís Ketzer Garavello
BRAZIL 26/08/2015
  8.9 Very Good

Things really work here.
People are polite and they help other people.
Australia is the right choice for those who are determined and seek for personal growth and improve the language.


The cost of living is a bit high.

Icaro Martins Sampaio
BRAZIL 12/08/2015
  7.2 Good

The city is beautiful, multicultural, a mix of big city with a beach soul.


Winter has a drop of jobs.

Thais Stoduto de Macedo Costa
BRAZIL 22/07/2015
  8.1 Very Good

Safety, many things to do, practice english and get paid in dollar.


The weather (winter), live away from family and I miss the atmosphere of Brazil.

Juliana Martins Luiz
BRAZIL 17/07/2015
  6.9 Reasanable

Security. Education. Transport.


Work. High cost of living.

Débora Lopes Jacques
BRAZIL 03/06/2015
  6.3 Reasanable

The safety, cleanliness and beautiful parks.


Nothing bad about the city, but it’s important to make sure that new international students know that the less you speak english the harder the experience will be, and this wasn’t clear for me, but it’s all good.

Níkolas Kühn
BRAZIL 02/06/2015
  7.8 Good

The city is absolutely amazing, a perfect combination of peace, natural beauty and the fuss of a big city.


The cost of living is very high, especially regarding to rent.

Priscila Werneck Teodoroski
BRAZIL 20/03/2015
  9.0 Excellent

The free activities that are offered, the locals are very welcoming, they way everybody help each other, great public transport.


Expensive public transport, to go from the city till North Sydney it costs the same as going from city to Manly.

David Nelli
ARGENTINA 07/01/2015
  8.4 Very Good

Firstly of all Sydney is safer than my home town (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
When you get a job, any kind of job, you can earn money to travel or do whatever you want.
It’s great living in a big city like Sydney and at the same time, only 10 min away from the city you have beautiful beaches.


Accommodation in Sydney is very expensive compared with others cities in Australia.

Renan Pietro Maglione
BRAZIL 07/01/2015
  7.4 Good

Groceries fairly cheap, easy to find a job, good schools, easy to make friends, beautiful beaches and easy life.


Expensive rent, many bike thefts, few interests places to go to at night.

Taiane Nogueira de Lima
BRAZIL 06/01/2015
  8.1 Very Good

Beaches, easy to come and go and safety.


High cost of living.

Guilherme Fornachari
BRAZIL 27/12/2014
  8.5 Very Good

Sydney is very clean and has a great public transport scheme.
It also has nice beaches and people are very friendly.


Job offers are not so good as I thought.

Ricardo Blanco Jimenez
null 17/12/2014
  7.5 Good

I liked the variety of cultures that Australia absorbs.
You end up studying with the whole world in a classroom.


For now I enjoyed everything.

Luis Enrique Herrera Cortes
MEXICO 11/12/2014
  10 Excellent

People are very friendly and kind


There isn’t many opportunities for international students.

Juan de Lima de Souza
BRAZIL 05/12/2014
  8.7 Very Good

City really beautiful that surprises me every day.
Sydney made me mature and I grew very much in three months which wouldn’t be possible in years in São Paulo.
Excellent public transport which is almost never late.
Beautiful beaches, entertainment for all types and tastes.
Really welcoming city and I definitely don’t regret about choosing it.


In relation to other cities, Sydney is much more expensive regarding to rental, shopping and transportation.

Raimundo Paulo Alves Oliveira
BRAZIL 05/12/2014
  8.5 Very Good

Great life quality!


Many flies .. lol

Diogo Avelino Lopes
BRAZIL 04/12/2014
  8.7 Very Good

The city is great!
Big city surrounded by natural beauty.


As any other place nowadays the pace is very accelerated.
The cost of living is high.

Gilmar Ribeiro Silva
BRAZIL 04/12/2014
  9.9 Excellent

Sydney is a stunning and vibrant city, built around one of the most beautiful bays in the world, I found this city a new way to live life.
It is a wonderful city, friendly people who treat you with respect.
A new lifestyle, a new world, a country where everything is exceptional.
The city has everything to make your trip unforgettable.


There is nothing to complain about the city.

Erick Giovany Torres
COLOMBIA 04/12/2014
  7.1 Good

Public transpot.
Possibility to work legally for international students.


Expensive higher education (Bachelors and masters).

Marina Nunes Toscano
BRAZIL 03/12/2014
  7.7 Good

You must do it.
Meeting new people, making friends…
Having some unique experiences are all that you can find when you live here in Australia.


As everything in the world it has your pain ...
It’s quite expensive to live in here.
I’m not sure but I guess Sydney is the most expensive city in Aussie.

Paulo André Oliveira Cavalcante
BRAZIL 03/12/2014
  8.7 Very Good

Cultural diversity, safety, education, job opportunities, many options of entertainment and beautiful beaches.


High cost of living, especially renting.

Nathalia Caroline do Nascimento
BRAZIL 03/12/2014
  7.9 Good

Beautiful city, safe and with lots of opportunities.


High cost of living.

Vasileios Fakyriadis
GREECE 03/12/2014
  9.9 Excellent




Marikym D'Amours-Bryson
BRAZIL 03/12/2014
  6.5 Reasanable

Mix of nature and city.
Restaurants and bars (foodies).


Difficult to find good jobs when you don’t have Australian diplomas.
Difficult to get a good job when you are not Australian.
Australians are very friendly, but difficult to become friends with.
Rent is very expensive.

Joao Alberto Larangeira Filho
BRAZIL 03/12/2014
  6.9 Reasanable

I like the cultural diversity and the many possibilities and beaches.


Live in Australia happens weekly, it’s very different from my monthly reality in Brazil.
Here live is very unstable and it’s very difficult to get into the market place.

Danilo Padula Barbosa
BRAZIL 02/12/2014
  8.2 Very Good

I love the mix of culture and the night life style.


It is a really expensive city to live.

Florian Michel Adrien Lagarde
FRANCE 02/12/2014
  9.2 Excellent

Close to anything.
Access to the beach, bush, mountains and everything else.


Opal (public transport card) readers aren’t working on all buses.

Larissa Cristina Silva
BRAZIL 01/12/2014
  8.3 Very Good

Sydney is an amazing city and full of opportunities for those who are willing to study and work hard. Obviously it gets easier once you became fluent in English but if you work hard, your efforts will be recognised and employers will trust you.


It is one of the most expensive cities to live in Australia. The rent of a single room close to the CBD might cost the same amount as a whole house in Wollongong, or Brisbane, or Perth. The market is competitive once there are many more people which mean you may struggle at the beginning to get your first job.

Mariane Boschetti
BRAZIL 30/11/2014
  9.0 Excellent

No wonder it is one of the best cities in the world to live ... With a unique quality of life, the city has much to offer to international students.
You will find all the facilities of a big city with beautiful and clean beaches, many entertainment options such as shopping centre, tourist attractions, green areas, nightclubs, pubs, bars, etc.
Where public services really works, especially transportation and security.
People very welcoming, receptive and willing to help. An exciting and unforgettable city, which certainly I’ll come back one day.


The cost of living is high.

Alex Lopes da Silva
BRAZIL 29/11/2014
  7.4 Good

The structure, beauty and safety.


The lack of integration with many Australians.

Caio Cesar Berini Ventura
BRAZIL 29/11/2014
  8.9 Very Good

First world country where quality of life is excellent, high cost of living, but we can live easily with the salary of the ‘’ sub-jobs ‘’. Australia is lovely and I super recommend this country for future students!


Transportation expensive but punctual and it works perfectly!

Gustavo Braz Virginio
BRAZIL 28/11/2014
  9.4 Excellent

Sydney is amazing, life quality is great, multicultural, lifestyle to fit everybody. Amazing places to visit from beaches to nightlife.


The life cost is high is the only setback.

Tatiana Cifuentes Sandoval
COLOMBIA 27/11/2014
  8.7 Very Good

The beaches, the transport and the people.


The weather is crazy.

Marcos Antonio Carchedi Filho
BRAZIL 27/11/2014
  8.9 Very Good

All the cultural events happen very close, or in Sydney.


The cost of living in Australia is high.

Maria Aparecida da Silva
BRAZIL 27/11/2014
  6.9 Reasanable

Cultural diversity, easy access to the best places in town and quality education.


High cost of living!

Arquimedes Florencio
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  8.7 Very Good

The education of the people, security in general plus the quality of the public transport, traffic is good and everybody contributes with that.
A beautiful city with many attractions that make a person want to leave home to have an intense leisure time.
I can say I had the best experience of my life living and studying in Australia.



Angelina Demarchi Nunes
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  7.3 Good

Entertainment, beauty, opportunities and safety.


Job opportunities related to the area I used to work.

Cid Teles de Lima
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  4.9 Reasanable

Learn english.


It’s a shame the economy is bad and the level of unemployment is very high.

Diego Sa Oliveira
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  8.6 Very Good

Quality of public services, safety and the possibility of growing in a personal and professional way.


High cost of living.

Daniela Cristina Costa
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  8.5 Very Good

Beautiful, clean and safe.


Cost of living is very high.

Caio Augusto Andrade Duarte
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  9.1 Excellent

Sydney is simply amazing!
I loved that city since the first second.
People are kind, the city is clean and full of beautiful places.
The public transport is great and everyone can go anywhere using it.


The cost of living in Sidney is quite expensive.
If you get a good job you can live perfectly, but if don’t, you need a good money saved.

Guilherme Estrela Lambert de Brito
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  8.6 Very Good

Transport, safety, cultural variety, clean beaches, surf and beautiful women.


Food, winter and cost of a beer.

Juliana Cristine Popadiuk
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  8.9 Very Good

Safety, the beauty of the city, the tranquility, the politeness of the australians, live in general here, the beautiful beaches.


The cost of living is high and the nightlife ends early.

Rodrigo Rech dos Santos
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  9.4 Excellent

Opportunity to live only with foreigners even in suburbs with lots of brazilians.
Numerous pubs, beaches, parks and tourist attractions to visit within less than 3 hours driving from the city.


The cost of accommodation increases in the high season as all other places.

Angelina Demarchi Nunes
BRAZIL 25/11/2014
  7.2 Good

Entertainment, beauty, security.


Very hard to find jobs in specifics areas because of the student’s visa conditions.

Vinicius Nascimento Malheiros
BRAZIL 24/11/2014
  7.9 Good

Sydney is a beautiful city, very well structured, with a diversity of culture and people that I’ve never experienced before, is a fascinating city that offers you challenges all the time. You’re always growing every day. I like that! It makes me grow and be a better person, that’s why I renewed my visa for a while, so I can enjoy more of this wonderful city while venturing into the challenges that it provides me.


The only “con” is the student visa conditions. There are not many benefits to us because as a student and “not Australian” we do not have accessible prices, we can not enjoy benefits and everything gets more complicated for us: work for example. And the cost of living is too high, food is a bit expensive.

Keila Klinkerfus Bueno
BRAZIL 24/11/2014
  8.2 Very Good

The parks, the integration of the modern and nature, endless leisure options, the beaches, the conservation of the environment and animals.


High coast of living.

Anderson Sanita Trevisan
BRAZIL 24/11/2014
  8.5 Very Good

The nationality mix is very good, the city is extremely organised, clean and safe. Besides several work and entertainment options.


The only con is the average rental price which is slightly above other cities that offers the exchange programs as well.

Scheila Teixeira da Rocha
BRAZIL 24/11/2014
  7.7 Good

The city is the most cosmopolitan I have ever known, that’s lovely. It is very safe and organised.


The fact of having many Brazilians here bothers me and interferes in my goals when I first came which was: learn English.

Deborah de Góes Ramos Conrado
BRAZIL 24/11/2014
  7.8 Good

Beautiful city, safety, ease in getting around. Every weekend if you have time and money has something different to do and see.


Public transport is expensive, so many people end up buying second hand motorcycles or bicycles to get around the city. It is a city with high cost of living.

Manoela Mariante Brolacci
BRAZIL 24/11/2014
  8.7 Very Good

I love Sydney because it has many job opportunities and for being a multicultural city, people are open and do not have much prejudice! It has lots of things to do, love how easy is to get from one place to another! Public transport as walking are so easy when you are in the city People are very solicitous which helps a lot!


The only bad thing about Sydney is the high cost of living. But in return you earn fairly well! So I would say that there is a balance! You spend enough but gets enough, so it’s ok.

Mariana Nunes Simas
BRAZIL 23/11/2014
  7.5 Good

What I like about living in Sydney is that everything is so close, very similar climate to Brazil, close to the beach as well. In general, I never had problems with prejudice. They appreciate the foreigner here as we are good for their economy.


High cost of living. Even if the worked hours are much higher than in Brazil, is not yet possible to live in one casual job. I am looking for a job in my area and
I’m finding some difficulties. For me it is still difficult to pay all the bills and new courses without a financial help from Brazil.

Marcelo Romera Dell Osso
BRAZIL 22/11/2014
  8.5 Very Good

Lots of parks, restaurants and beaches. People are encouraged to go to work by bike as a transport, and they also have specific places to put the bikes in the offices.


The rent is very expensive, even more than other cities.

Anna Luiza Silva de Almeida
BRAZIL 22/11/2014
  8.8 Very Good

Safe city, full of facilities, comfortable climate. Sydney is amazing!


Australia does not have the ozone layer’s protection, here in 20 minutes you burn in the sun.

Emanuel Lopes
BRAZIL 22/11/2014
  8.7 Very Good

What I most liked in Sydney was the cultural diversity that makes up the city. Live in Sydney was the best geography lesson of my life. On top of the Australian culture, I had the change to get to know different cultures through my school’s mates. Sydney is a very organised, clean, secure city which offers you a lot of entertainment.


There are no strong con that I could say. The only thing is that in the beginning the cost of living is too high for those doing an exchange program. But when you work and earn some “dollars”, you can live very well. A lot of entertainments that Sydney offers are for free, which is good.

Caroline Marcao
BRAZIL 21/11/2014
  9.1 Excellent

Australia has beautiful natural places that you can visit. The weather is great. There are a lot of stores that sell different things with fair prices. You can find many kinds of food of many countries. Sydney is a good city to have entertainment.


The people are not so friendly with foreigners. The bus taxes are a little high.

Laura Canavezi de Sao Pedro
BRAZIL 21/11/2014
  7.1 Good

Many different opportunities for jobs, higher wages compared to other states and cities (though many jobs are not exactly “good”), opportunity to meet people from every part of the world, incredible nature, despite being a big city. Security and many green areas, which makes the city look more pleasant and quiet.


Big city, is not ideal for those seeking tranquility. Extremely high prices especially for rent, transportation and food. Public transport is full in some areas. Long distance to the city for those who want to save money on rent, living a bit far.

Danila Rafaella Mega
BRAZIL 21/11/2014
  8.9 Very Good



Cost of living.

Antonio Joaquim Goncalves Junior
null 20/11/2014
  7.9 Good

Beautiful city, very wooded and organised with efficient and uninterrupted public transport! Welcoming, friendly and patient people. Several free activities and many other paid but affordable. Easy to locate to place to another and lots of accommodations. Great job opportunities in several areas, most hospitality. Clean city, clean air, enormous cultural diversity. Perfect place for personal and professional growth! I am very happy to live here. I can only be grateful!!


Once I figure out I’ll comment!!

Daniel Asp Souza
BRAZIL 20/11/2014
  8.2 Very Good

Safety, beauty of the place, receptive people. The place is amazing, I recommend to everyone!


Some things are distant and transport is relatively expensive. Accommodation is also a con. The rent is a bit expensive, especially in Manly, the area where I was.

Andrea Cristina Palumbo
BRAZIL 20/11/2014
  9.1 Excellent

Sydney is an amazing city with lots of beautiful views, museums, parks, lovely beaches and everything to make our life colourful. It’s a lovely city with nice people, very safe and I really enjoy living here. It has been the most wonderful experience as my first overseas travel. My heart is already half Brazilian, half Australian!


The only thing is about the cost of living. As a student, it has been a bit hard to keep working and studying. If I could get a better job would be perfect.

Marcelo Moura Roberti
BRAZIL 20/11/2014
  8.2 Very Good

Itens listed above.


Same as all problems of big developed cities.

Monica Estevam Fagundes
null 20/11/2014
  8.1 Very Good

At the beginning I was afraid of learning the aussie English, but now after having studied for two years in Sydney, I am glad I chose Australia as my destination.
It has not just beautiful beaches, but it really offers you the chance to meet people from all over the world, so you end up familiar with hundreds of different accents.
Now back to Brazil, I can make phone calls from work to any part of the world and understand any accent without struggling.
Love Sydney, even after visiting the other famous cities in Australia such as, Cairns, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Byron Bay and Gold Coast.
I am still in love with Sydney and I will always be!


Be aware that it is a highly expensive city, but if you work hard, then you can play hard and have lots of fun.

Pablo Freitas Alves Urias
null 19/11/2014
  8.1 Very Good

The city is very busy, lots of natural beauty, various tourist attractions, a lot of things to do and opportunities of fun, renting, jobs, travel, etc.


It has a high cost of living.

Sheila Belz
null 19/11/2014
  9.5 Excellent

The city offers all the opportunities to have quality of life, work, friends, get to know many cultures.
The city offer everything to everybody.


Apartment rentals.
Very difficult to rent when going alone and not speaking English very well.

Sarita Rosa
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  8.6 Very Good

Incomparable quality of life!
People polite and respectful.
Impossible not to fall in love.


The public transport is excellent, maybe that is why is so expansive.

Ana Paula Miranda de Magalhaes
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  8.4 Very Good

I like the quality of life that Sydney offers you, excellent public transport, culture for those who have time to enjoy it, wonderful beaches and within the Australian standard, excellent nightlife.



Daniel Ignacio Sartoratto
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  8.5 Very Good

Several suburbs are unique with entertainment and own lifestyle, just choose one.
It’s impossible to get bored in this city, everything is available ... cinemas, restaurants of all kinds, parties, bars and pubs.
And if you want to save a few bucks, there are always free events going on, dozens of beautiful parks and beaches within easy reach.


Rent and public transport are very expansive.
Businesses close early.

Rafael Ernesto de Lima Sodre
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  9.4 Excellent

The city speaks for itself, extremely welcoming, high level of public transport.


It’s difficult to appoint something negative about Sydney.
In my case, I think the cost of living is a bit to high, even being well paid, it’s still expansive.

Maryellem Braga Sobreira Loures
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  8.2 Very Good

I adore the safety and beauty.


There is not many options of buses in the Northern Beaches.

Rodrigo Jose Leandro
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  9.5 Excellent

Multicultural city, many environments within the same city, from the rush of everyday life of the big centres to the beach atmosphere.
Safety, 24 hours transport in some parts of the city and punctuality on the transport.
Festivals, tours, museums and one of the best sunset in the world.
Welcoming people.
Besides the commitment to student welfare, from the agency to the language school.


Having Brazil as reference, there is no cons about Sydney.

Chrystoffer Akira Ykemoto
null 19/11/2014
  8.0 Very Good

Sydney is city kind of like Sao Paulo in Brazil, it is not the capital city, but the economic capital.
Sydney is not as big as Sao Paulo, but it’s not small to get bored.
My favorite place in Sydney is Circular Quay, where I can appreciate such a beautiful view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
You just relax when you get there.
About hospitality job, in my opinion it’s not hard to find it as some people think, however you have to apply for 1000 jobs, and you will get responses from some of them.
I’ve never looked for a job in the area I used to work back in Brazil, so I can’t say anything about it, but you have to study and work hard to make it happen.


I lived in the city and worked in Pyrmont, so I didn’t need to use public transport. Only when I wanted to go to some beach, but I used to hear some complaint about the quality of it, which is not as good as it should be.
I don’t like bars/clubs tranding hours, they close too early. We work until 10pm, then go home, get changed and go to a bar/club near midnight, so our night is normally over by 3am. We cannot enjoy as much.

Philippe Ferrari Desiderio Fernandes
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  8.4 Very Good

A lot of cultural activities and welcoming people.


Everything closes early and there is no 24 hours market.

Renata Oliveira Freitas de Mello
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  8.1 Very Good

I like most the life style and how this works here in a harmonic and safety way.


The cost of living is not cheap and the public transport for all those people should offer better support.

Caroline Bonetto
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  9.0 Excellent

Sydney is wonderful!! There are cheerful people everywhere! All the places are incredible, from constructions till the beauty of the nature. You won`t get bored here, because everyday you have different things to do and places to go. You just need to want to! God really gave a special attention on creating this piece of the paradise!


It really is a little expensive to live in Sydney, but on the other hand you will earn a little more. It is impossible to find a job on your acting area in Brazil. Don`t even think of coming here to study english thinking that you will find a job as a lawyer, manager or anything like that, like you were in Brazil. You can find other jobs, but most of the times they don`t pay too well… it takes time to find a job that pays relatively well.

Gabriela Novais
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  7.9 Good

I left São Paulo with the intention to live at the beach without losing the good things that a big city can offer and here i found that. I live in Maroubra which is a beautiful beach, work close to my place and study in the city. My place is 30 minutes far from the city by bus, so if I need to solve anything there, i just get into the bus (in front of my place). Also I can check it the buses time table by using an app at my mobile. And if I want, I can just walk 5 minutes and I’m at the beach. The good thing about Sydney is that here you are able to meet a lot of people and experience different cultures.


As well as all the big cities, sometimes the number of people in some places, manly in the public transports make us feel a bit uncomfortable.

Roberta Andreolli
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  7.9 Good

Security, public transport, less bureaucracy in banks, police station, “lost and found” of the public transports. People are polite and everyone likes talk. Beaches and events.


Cost: even with so many promotions, still a expensive city.