sunshine coast

  8.5 Very Goodscore from 2 reviews
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2 sunshine coast REVIEWS

Patricia Baldocchi
BRAZIL 10/12/2015
  8.2 Very Good

Noosa is simply wonderful!
Really beautiful, the beaches, the National Park, the trails, the cafes and restaurants ...
The Community is welcoming and love Brazilians.
If you are looking to live on the beach and feel of vacation all year, here is the place!
A lot of physical activity, backpackers from around the world.
Anyways, with all my hear I love this place that I’ve chosen to live in.


If you’re a big city person, loves traffic, headlight, (there is only 1 in the whole city), if you like night life, Noosa is definitely not your place.

Claudio Lopes Junior
BRAZIL 10/11/2015
  8.9 Very Good

Laid-back lifestyle with a world class surf spot and lots of beautiful places to visit. Not as busy as the big cities, with a lower cost of living.


Not a lot of courses on offer if compared to the big cities.