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Lucas Nunes De Assis Aquino
BRAZIL 02/12/2015
  10 Excellent

Safety, public transport, australians, job opportunities.


All perfect.

Aguinaldo Cruz Dos Santos
BRAZIL 04/08/2015
  8.2 Very Good

Beautiful city, very well organised and with great growth potential, as well as deals very well with cultural diversities.


I didn’t like to stay there only for a short period of time…lol

Yadira Cruz Carrana
MEXICO 09/06/2015
  8.1 Very Good

I like Perth.
Perth has more hours of sunlight than any other Australian city.
If you live in a suburb near the freeway or the train line it’s easy and quick to get around.
The beaches here are all fabulous, on par with Surfers Paradise.
The winery region is nice and close for a day trip.
The weather can be extreme, 40 degrees in the summer and thunder storms in July but the heat is dry not humid.


The only bad thing I have to say about Perth is that the people here are not forward thinkers - every time anyone tries to do something new or different they get whinged at.

Barbara Marques
BRAZIL 05/01/2015
  7.3 Good

I’m really enjoying this city, I make new friends every week from different countries.
I like the city, because it is clean and safe, totally different from my city.


The cost of living in Perth is very expensive and I don`t have a job here yet .

Camila Cristina Honorato Martins
BRAZIL 01/01/2015
  8.2 Very Good

Everything in Perth works well.
People are polite and respectful.
It’s a really great city to grow your family or just come to do tourism.
I hope to come be back here in a few years, maybe for good.


It is a mad expensive city, specially for those who aren’t paid by dollars.

Fabiane Machado Santana
null 04/12/2014
  7.1 Good



The public transport is not facilitated to international students and even less for those who work at night.
The streets don’t have enough light at night.

Guilherme Chemin Le Talludec
BRAZIL 03/12/2014
  7.1 Good

Beautiful city, beaches and weather.
Lots of tourist attractions in nearby cities, less than 4 hours driving.


I think I can speak for all of us when I complain about the cost of living here.
Everything is expensive.
We do make enough money to live though, but if you have to pay for school you will want to cry…

Newton Barbosa Correa
null 28/11/2014
  6.9 Reasanable

Organisation and maintenance of the city: they are always cleaning or fixing something.


It has many unemployed young troublemakers in the city. It also has some that always ask for spare dollar to catch the train.

Jessica Alinie da Silva Guidoni
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  7.8 Good

The city is beautiful, full of natural beauty. Because it is a clean and safe city, encourages people to do outdoor activities. Excellent public transport system.


Most businesses still have very limited opening hours, if you need to buy something out of the normal service hours, will have to find a 24 hours markets which are usually much more expensive. The cost of living is high compared to other cities.

Paulo Francisco Arakaki Vidotto
BRAZIL 21/11/2014
  8.4 Very Good

A beautiful city, clean and with excellent infrastructure. Even as a student you can have a good life.


I have nothing against.

Fernanda Santiago da Silva
BRAZIL 20/11/2014
  7.7 Good

It’s clean, safe and everything works.


The shops and businesses close early.

Anna Carolina Otoni de Campos
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  6.9 Reasanable

Perth is beautiful.
The beaches, parks are great.
People are very polite.
The city is very clean.
The public transport works and and security takes effect.


The cost of living is very high.
It was very hard to find a job (took me months).
The city doesn’t offer many entertainment, only a few attractions.

David Quos dos Santos
null 19/11/2014
  9.4 Excellent

Great city.



Laura Manoela Lopes Sales
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  9.2 Excellent

Perth is a fascinating city, especially for those coming from a big city.
Very clean, organised and safe with a variety of entertainment.
Among these there are free things, such as parks, beaches, areas for sports and many street festivals or you can opt for one of the many bars and restaurants that exist in the city, for all pockets and tastes.
And you can go to all these places by public transport or in the safely of your bike.
Perth is really a city that do not feel like leaving it.


There are small details that prevent Perth of being the most perfect city in the world to me ... but nothing that can not be circumvented.
Public transport finishes it’s activities relatively early, but nothing that a taxi does not solve (they are not expensive as in São Paulo, Brazil).
The pubs also close earlier than we are used, leaving a few of them that go up to almost morning.

Luiz Alberto Kobbaz Paim Filho
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  8.0 Very Good

A very organised city with beautiful beaches.


It’s hard. There is always preconception, but here in Perth there is less.

Alamim Justino De Almeida Junior
null 19/11/2014
  7.7 Good

The city is very beautiful and the best part is the outdoors.
Amazing beaches and landscapes.
The city is growing very fast and lots of new shops and restaurants are opening all around.


Perth is having more and more crimes each day and the public transport is worsening.
Public transport at night is very bad, especially buses.
Traffic is increasing and becoming congested.
However, I think the government is seeing that and hopefully they will work out how to solve these problems.

Maira Mariucci
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  7.6 Good

1) Stunning parks and a splendid nature.
2) Safety is 10 out of 10, very safe and hardly see police on the streets because there is not need, of course it’s important to always pay attention.
3) Transportation public “on time”. Delays are minimal.
4) Parks with many facilites, eg, free barbecue.
5) Occasional events well organised.
6) Clean City.


1) The city offers many entertainments, but the majority is paid and expensive, those that are not paid to get in, they become expensive because you have to spend once you get in.
2) Public Transport for those who enjoy nightife ends up being a little inappropriate, because buses and trains do not run late into the night.
3) High cost of living. Full-time work will give you a good pay, but the students can only work part-time, thus the cost of living eventually becomes high.

Lilian Bianca Cardoso Silveira
null 19/11/2014
  8.3 Very Good

Perth is a beautiful, clean, organised city and has the most beautiful beaches in Australia (in my opinion).
The city was well planned and for this reason, it’s suburbs have all the facilities of central areas, such as banks, pubs, restaurants, cinema and supermarket.
Furthermore, Perth is a city still in development, which ensures an unique quality of life.
Far from urban centers such as Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, the lifestyle in Perth is healthy, you can cycle around the whole city, do night walks on the beach or around the many parks that surround the “City of Light”.


In my opinion there are only two points of opportunity in Perth.
Public transport shuts down the service by about midnight, and in some suburbs it happens even sooner.
And the other point is that the service in restaurants in most cases, ends around 9:30 pm.
For those people who are really connected to nightlife, this may be a relevant factor in the decision of choosing the city.

Marjorie Gonzaga de Moraes
null 19/11/2014
  8.3 Very Good

Perth is a beautiful city with amazing beaches.
Quality of life, safety and education are the three aspects that motivate me to live here for ever.


All shops and businesses close by 5pm.

Leti’cia Dors Pinheiro
null 19/11/2014
  6.9 Reasanable

I love Perth, how organised the transport it, easy access to everything.
Beautiful parks and beaches everywhere.
By keeping in touch with other brazilians, you can more easily find a job.
And look on the Facebook community that always has opportunities.
There is work in all areas, which depends on how good your english is.


Winter is really cold!
Transport, food and rent are expensive, but that is the same across Australia.
Everything closes early and there is only a few options for nightlife or restaurants.

Paula Pezutto
null 19/11/2014
  7.6 Good

How easy it is to get around the city.
Very good public transport.


The places close down very early.

Roberta Bauer
null 19/11/2014
  9.2 Excellent

Perth is a calm city, really safe and organised city.
Beauty is everywhere here!
There are many natural public areas to have picnics and bbq’s, with amazing landscapes.
And about the beaches? Just wonderful!
The most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen!
Perth is lovely!


Just two things annoy me here…
But I know that they have been changing anyway.
They are:
The schedule of the public transport (mainly at night and on holidays) and the closing time of the stores, bars, pubs, shoppings and supermarkets.
1 - The buses and trains are clean and punctual, but they are not 24 hours and becomes really rare in some period of the day/night and holidays.
2 - Everything closes early! You can’t find 24 hours supermarkets or go to a pub after midnight.
But as I said before, I know it has changed a lot and continues changing, so maybe in a few years they will be completely different.

Fernanda Elika Okamoto
BRAZIL 14/11/2014
  7.9 Good

I like Perth because of it’s lifestyle, it’s a very quiet city with beaches and entertainment.
It’s easy to find a job, it’s just that willpower is needed.


The fact that the shops and public transport ends early, it can be a bit annoying.

Carolina Zanon do Nascimento
BRAZIL 18/08/2014
  7.8 Good

Many parks and outside activity to enjoy and relax with the best weather ever in Australia.I simplify love the rustic way that Western Australia is.


Stores closes too early, at 5pm almost all them. The food is too expensive.