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English is Australia’s leading Innovative English School.

Located in the heart of the city, ABILITY offers award-winning courses to help students learn English quickly.


  MY TIME AT ability melbourne...

  • Camille Durigan Kuser dos Reis

    Location, timetable and very knowledgeable teachers. In addition, the extra activities on friday morning.


    The books were second-hand. For the price we paid we should be getting better quality copies and books.

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  • Rodrigo Durante

    Great teachers, good location.


    In my class there was 7 brazilians in a group of 18 students. (The nationality mix is not so good).

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  • Guilherme Goncalves De Oliveira

    I had teachers extremely helpful and attentive. Also Ability provides some variety of activities outside school.


    The computers available are extremely slow and outdated. Many of students rely on these computer to study and personal affairs and it is very frustrating the limitations of them.Although I had great teachers, some of them were very weak.

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  • Micaelle Matos Oliveira

    Good location.


    Actually, I didn’t like the receptionist that works there,because they are not friendly and attention people. About the structure of the school,in my opinion there needs to use something inside the class that can’t pass the sound for another class.

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  • Jasmine de Oliveira Manzan

    Excellent teachers; Dynamic classes and easy to learn; Great location; Good infrastructure;


    At that time there were many Brazilians and there were no “punishments” when we spoke another language. Also, many changes of teacher.

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  • Mariana Chan Marcondes

    The location is definitely a pro. Staff are really friendly and do different activities which is good, and we can learn in a laid-back and funny way.


    Lunch break is too short so you have to eat really fast. So if you need to buy something outside you’ll probably be late for the next class.

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  • Tatiana Cristina Veiga

    The location and infrastructure is very good. I was lucky enough to have been taught by a teacher who made all the difference and I can say that this time I really learnt. She is incredible and deserves all the credit. Her name is Anne Maher and she is American. She is a fantastic teacher.


    The hours: too much time at school, being from 8:30-2:30 which makes getting a job quite difficult. Also, some teachers don’t seem too excited.

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  • Jairo Martins Formigari

    I liked the Ability's methodology and the teachers. I could find good options of courses where I decided the best schedule following my availability. There is a good nationality mix in the classes, the management try to do this all the time (I studied in classes with 10 different nationalities). The Friday classes are optional, but I always attended them. These classes helped me improve my vocabulary a lot. To conclude, I'd like to say that Ability is in the top level of schools in Melbourne and its location is perfect, in the heart of the city.


    I think Ability needs to improve its infrastructure, some classes didn’t have projector, no window and the worst situation is about the lifts, they are so slow and many times I arrived late in the class because it.

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  • Adriano Peixer Corbellini

    Excellent location and instructive classes.


    Short break time.

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