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Marcelo Maghidman
BRAZIL 09/12/2018
  9.5 Excellent

If you are looking for a safe, nice, welcoming, and instigating place, Melbourne is the right choice. You have the option of feeling like you are living in a small town in the suburbs, just 15 minutes away from the agitated CBD. Plenty of cultural options, jobs, education and sights to visit.


Maybe the cost of living is a little bit high, especially housing. However, you can find jobs easily, which makes life easier.

Claudia Cristina Wanderleia Pereira da Costa
BRAZIL 04/02/2017
  8.2 Very Good

Lovely city - I wish to live here forever! We feel safe while walking in the streets; people are very educated doesn’t matter what you appear to be.


Public transport is expensive but it is extremely organised. The rent is a little bit expensive too but if found a good job, it would be perfect!

Leandro Vaz Toste Porfirio
BRAZIL 25/01/2017
  7.8 Good

I think in Melborne people are friendly.
There are lots of nice cafes, restaurants, pubs e etc.
The city is very safe and has many opportunities in terms of jobs.


The weather is crazy.

Luiz Antonio Marracini
BRAZIL 21/12/2016
  7.6 Good

O really love Melbourne.
It’s amazing to walk on the streets felling safe.
The public transport is awesome and people are very polite.


The weather is not so good.
Is not easy to have only 3 months of summer and all of rest of year you have cold, rain and cloud weather.

Luciana Ferreira Carvalho
BRAZIL 10/11/2016
  9.1 Excellent

People are really friendly and welcoming.
The city is great!


The weather is crazy.

Renan Munhoz
BRAZIL 02/10/2016
  7.6 Good

Melbourne is pretty beautiful, there are a lot of things to do, you can go to museums, cinemas, do shopping and zoo.


if you have no money, you probably do not do anything because almost everything is very expensive.

Marina Bacha Nascimento
BRAZIL 18/05/2016
  7.5 Good

It’s such a big city with lots to do.
You can never get bored here.
The outside part of Melbourne is amazing and beautiful.


There are no jobs.
I have been here since the beginning of this year and still can’t find any.
You need to have many contacts so they can get you a job.
The cost of living here is really expensive.
Rent, transport and food are extremely expensive.

Jairo Martins Formigari
BRAZIL 04/05/2016
  7.9 Good

Melbourne is a great big city to live, safe, cosmopolitan where you can find different entertainment all the time.
There is a useful public transport system, wonderful parks and fun festivals.
People are very friendly, patient to help in case you need.
Anyway, it’s a marvellous place to know.


As everywhere in the world, Melbourne has some problems.
In my point of view, the whether is the worst, it changes all the time.
There are too many people of different nationalities (the majority from Asia).
The cost of living here is extremely high (school, accomodation and food).

Vanessa Scarso Lucin
BRAZIL 02/09/2015
  7.7 Good

Safe and beautiful city.
Impressive architecture.
Lots of entertainment options.


Hight cost of living.
Too cold.

Anselmo Costa e Silva
BRAZIL 01/07/2015
  8.3 Very Good

Amazing city, everything works perfectly.


Nothing to declare.

Camila Novaes Ferreira
BRAZIL 18/12/2014
  7.0 Good

How easy it is to go from one place to another.


The weather is too cold.

Cristian Rodrigo Salazar Morales
null 03/12/2014
  7.9 Good

People are friendly, nice weather, good places to visit and clean beaches.


Public transportation is expensive and limitation of hours of work for international students.

Manuela Rubio Gomes
null 01/12/2014
  7.1 Good

It’s an amazingly friendly city.


It’s harder than I thought to find a proper job.

Mauricio Teixeira Do Amaral
BRAZIL 30/11/2014
  7.4 Good

It’s a great city, very safe, has excellent public transport and beautiful places to visit.


It’s hard to find a job, usually they don’t pay very well but it’s enough to pay the bills and survive in a moderate life in the city.

Roberta Martins Pinto
null 28/11/2014
  6.9 Reasanable

The city is very beautiful, safe, has many cultural options, lots of things to do. The high demand of the city by foreign allows you to meet people for all around the world, which is a unique experience.


I suffered a bit because I wasn’t used to the “cold” and I arrived there in the winter. The temperature drops considerable with the strong winds. The cost of living is high and getting a job is not that easy.

Daniele Pellicani
null 26/11/2014
  8.6 Very Good

Melbourne has many things to offer, starting from all types of food you can find around the city, to numerous parties and festivals.
Melbourne is also the australian capital of sport as it’s home of the Formula 1, Moto GP, Super Bikes, Australian Open, Footy and Soccer.
Also all the major artists perform in Melbourne when they come to Australia, whether they’re musicians or comedians and so on…
Beaches around Melbourne are nice although it’s not the Ocean, but if you really want some real waves, Torquay and Bells Beach are really close and beautiful.
Melbourne has been nominated a few times as the ‘most liveable’ city in the world and it’s not a coincidence.
The city is pretty safe and clean.


What I would improve about Melbourne is the public transport which is already pretty good but as the population is growing, trams and trains are over crowded during peak hours.
Also would be nice some tram/train service overnight all week.

Adriano Peixer Corbellini
BRAZIL 21/11/2014
  7.5 Good



Price of public transport and the absence during the night.

Mariana Chan Marcondes
BRAZIL 21/11/2014
  8.1 Very Good

The city is beautiful, nature mixed with a big city show us how it’s possible to have this balance. Parks, beaches, life quality, security. Love this place!


The city is not the cheapest in the world, but in the other hand provides you everything.

Alvar Perez Infante Salcedo
null 19/11/2014
  7.0 Good

Cultural vitality away from major European cities.


Too many cars.
Expensive public transport.

Carolina Xavier de Oliveira
AUSTRALIA 19/11/2014
  9.4 Excellent

Melbourne is lovely!
It was no coincidence that I’ve chosen it for the second time to study.
The people are welcoming and polite.
Safety is by far the best feature, it’s simply amazing.
Besides all that, it’s beautiful! Beautiful! And beautiful.
Ahhh and has the best coffee in the world.


Not being there now (hahaha).

Catarina Cochicho Tavares de Sousa
null 19/11/2014
  8.6 Very Good

Very user friendly, people are welcoming, nice and friendly. Amazing parks, everything well organised, beautiful and charming neighbourhoods.
Good food.
Non stop entertainment all year round.


The winter can be too long.
Lots of rainy days.
Unstable weather.

Gabriel Gakas
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  9.6 Excellent

For sure the friendliest city in the world where people respect and seek to live as best as possible, including issues of culture and infrastructure.
In parks and public beaches you may find bbq areas, efficient public transport, but what is most interesting are the bicycles of various colours and shapes.
Finding a job depends on the focus of each person, but in the end the positive thing is that usually boss / employee relationship is very good, direct and respectful.
Ps: even the bus driver waits for you to sit down to avoid falling!


Public transport, clothes and rent are expensive.

Debora Manzan Ribeiro
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  9.6 Excellent

Melbourne is a welcoming city that has an incredible beauty, with friendly people, entertainment, cultural diversity and low social discrimination.


Only the cold wind of the city and places that close very early.

Gretha Christante de Almeida Cabral
null 19/11/2014
  8.5 Very Good

The city is beautiful and with lot’s of job opportunities and study options.


For those who don’t like cold weather, maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to come to Melbourne, cos’ it’s really cold.

Leandro Borges Pimenta
null 19/11/2014
  10 Excellent

The best city to live.
Easy to find jobs.


Hard to deal with different cultures.