Inforum Education

Inforum Education Australia was established in July 2007 by Directors and owners, Simon and Jun Craft. The school commenced operations with one class and has now grown to 9 classes and 110 students, teaching General English, IELTS Exam Preparation, Advanced Master Class in Exam Preparation and Cambridge FCE Exam Preparation courses.


  MY TIME AT inforum...

  • Leonardo Lentini Domingues

    Good environment, staffs and teachers very nice, good extra activities.


    They’ve been increasing a lot since November, but they weren’t prepared to do this so fast. They hired some unprepared teachers and located some students in another building without structure to have class (this problem now was solved). I stayed there almost 1 month and I hated it. During this period, they changed a lot our timetable, so we lost contact with a lot of students. Before these changes, everybody had the same timetable, so everybody had lunch at the same time which was good to know all, make new friends and practice our English.

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  • Eduardo De Bastos Botelho Do Rego

    A family atmosphere between students, teachers, staff and dogs.The concern and attention to students were fantastic and all that pass by the school, will never forget the moments there.


    At first I found difficulty in understanding English, since most of the students were Asian. And they have a different pronunciation of certain letters of Brazilians. So over time I was adjusting.

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  • Maxsuel Weingartner

    Atention with the student.


    The location in Southport.

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  • Pedro dos Santos Pereira

    I liked my english classes at Inforum a lot because they provide an excellent environment for study as well as external activities for encouraging interaction with the other students. It was an amazing experience and I really recommend to everybody to study there.


    I didn’t notice anything bad when I had classes there. No negative points for me.

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