Imagine Education Australia​

Imagine Education Australia is a privately owned ELICOS and Vocational Education and Training centre located in Southport.

Imagine Education provides:

• State of the art facilities in Southport’s educational precinct.

• First-rate courses to students from Australia and around the world

• Student services (including Homestay and employment assistance)

• Experienced and professional staff

• Fun and exciting classes


  MY TIME AT imagine gold coast...

  • Andrea Del Pillar Ortiz

    Convenient in the price.


    Lack of material.

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  • Giuliana Alexandre Araujo C Cozzolino

    - Teaching methodology - Acess and liberty with teachers - Interaction with students - Tours offered by the school - Acess free internet


    - Material provided for students

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  • Ernani Enzo Komae

    Reasonable price.


    Cold classroom, no windows, a lot of times unclean.
    Too many brazilians in one class.
    Too many videos in the class.

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  • Thiago Henrique Conde

    Teachers' attention with students is excellent. I arrived without speaking a word of English and had all the necessary support.


    Just did not like the material, many copies, I think we should receive books.

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  • Rodrigo Vieira Chaves



    The Material is all copied. They have no books. Disorganised. My wife and I had serious problems with this school. She took the placement test in Brazil to enter into a specific course at the school and passed, but when we arrived in Australia the school didn’t let her undertake this course and chose her another course. Now think: you leave your country with everything “right” and arrive at the Imagine Education and realise you cannot do the course you were prepared to do. This is playing with people. Score 0 for this school!

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  • Marcela De Lima Catalani

    Near the Tram; Approachable teachers, Very good studying hours and extra class activities.


    Small cantina at the Southport campus; All studying material is photo copied and there should be studying books; Recently there were too many students in the classroom.

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