BUELI - Bond University English Language Institute

About Bond University English Language Institute

Bond’s English Language Institute is centrally located at the heart of Bond’s beautiful university campus with of all the facilities at the students’ disposal.

BUELI is a member of English Australia (EA) which is the national peak body for the English Language sector of international education in Australia. BUELI offers English language programs ranging from everyday usage to academic and English for professional purposes. These programs can qualify you to study full degree programs at Bond

University and significantly enhance your career prospects.

You will have full access to Bond University’s extensive academic and sporting facilities. You will also enjoy all the fun of our organised social activities, with plenty of time for sightseeing and travel.

We give you the chance to enjoy the relaxed Australian lifestyle while learning to speak English like the locals.

Studying overseas is the experience of a lifetime - meeting new friends; discovering what it is like to live in a different country, coming to understand a new culture, and mixing with other students from all over the world.


  MY TIME AT bueli gold coast...

  • Fernanda Sanches Trindade

    The best infra-estructure, some teachers is very good!


    Nationalities mix is very bad, just Japanese and brazilians, some teachers are not good and chamge teachers all de time, don’t have books just prints and is very confused for study

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  • Nathalia Andre De Lima

    Bond Uni have an amazing infrastructure that can help students in many ways. There are a lot of great teachers at BUELI, that are very committed with their job.


    One thing that really affect students in a bad way is that in one week some classes have 2 teachers, sometimes more.Some teachers give classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and other teacher give classes on Thursday and Friday. In my point of view is the worst think they can do, because there`s no connection between them and is almost a lost classes.Electives classes sometimes are a waist of time. Looks like teachers have too much things to teach in just 1:30 min.

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  • Thayhane De Moraes Souza

    The infrastructure is the best that I saw about all schools on Gold Coast. The staff are very kind and helpful to students.


    The location is a little difficult because it’s far of every place and the public transport doesn’t help as weel.Had many changes about the teachers and often these changes harm students.

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  • Nathalia Vieira Do Vale

    The infrastructure is amazing. You can use good computers, good places to study like the library, good environmental and good places to eat.


    It’s expensive and there are just brazilians and japaneses studing there.

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  • Nivia Maria de Marcelha

    The school is great, the teachers in most cases are very good and the facilities are excelente. We can use all the facilities of the university, as library, gym and so on. The teaching methods exceeded my expectations, the classes are dynamic, a lot of times in only one week, I had classes with up to three different teachers, each from a different nationality and accents.


    I live in Coolangatta and the negative side is the distance, for sure.
    By car it takes around 30 minutes to get to the school.

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  • Natália Ambrosio De Campos

    The highlight is the support provided in every stage. Thoughtful people always ready to help. I highly recommend.


    Nothing to say.

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  • Marcio Vinicius De Lacerda Trippe

    Very goos Infrastructure, university atmosphere, and quality of education good as well.


    Extra classes in the afternoon generally are not as good and makes it harder to find work.

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