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21 gold coast REVIEWS

Matheus Rockenbach
BRAZIL 30/08/2017
  8.3 Very Good

The city is safe, despite some bike robberies. Fantastic place to live…especially coolangata


Cold water and sometimes too windy

Gustavo Andrade Santos De Oliveira
BRAZIL 02/08/2017
  8.2 Very Good

I believe that the Australian’s lifestyle is very close to the Brazilian. Most people are cheerful, and willing to make friends. The point of greater prominence is the security.


City quiet

Francini Marculano Espirito Santo Roriz
BRAZIL 04/05/2017
  7.8 Good




Lanna Cristina Tavares
BRAZIL 03/05/2017
  6.1 Reasanable

Beautiful city.


I didn’t like my school.

Marli Febraio
BRAZIL 30/07/2016
  8.6 Very Good

This city is safe, clean, beautiful, there is plenty of entertainment, multicultural and with a very friendly population.
Beaches and the sky are stunning.


Even having a a very efficient Public Transport, some districts don’t have bus after 6 pm (like Robina), and the city is not so small as we tend to think.
So, you must have a car to hold all duties if you study and work, for example.

Márcio Gobe Dos Santos Filho
BRAZIL 12/07/2016
  8.1 Very Good

Everything is turistic in the Gold Coast.
You meet different cultures all the time and everybody looks happy and chilled out.
The nature is incredible and the city is totally secure, I’ve never had a problem.
There is no traffic and the public transport is well controlled and the user can check the timetable online by app to never be late in your meetings.


After 10pm nothing more works, the city “sleeps” too early.

Juliane Toledo Bortoluzzi
BRAZIL 18/03/2016
  7.1 Good

Wonderful city.
Wonderful people.


Lack of job opportunities.

Camila Girbal Lessa
BRAZIL 30/12/2015
  9.0 Excellent

Quality of life and lifestyle.
Gold Coast is awesome.


There is nothing that I dislike about Gold Coast.
Really smile

Maria Clara Belo Telles
BRAZIL 25/08/2015
  7.7 Good

Beautiful and safe city.


Expansive public transport, but it works.

Ligia Ferreira De Azevedo
BRAZIL 15/07/2015
  5.4 Reasanable

Os australianos são muito receptivos e acolhedores.
Muito educados.
Gostei muito do convívio aqui e agradeço muito pelas experiências adquiridas.
Gold Coast é fantástica, encontramos aqui vários tipos de restaurantes e diferentes culturas, é como viajar para vários países em uma só cidade.


Minha única insatisfação aqui foi em relação ao trabalho.
Gold Coast tem muito turista e com isso, a concorrência é muito grande. E quando se consegue um emprego temos que nos submeter a horas intermináveis de trabalho para conseguir nos manter aqui pois ninguém paga o mínimo exigido por lei.
Trabalhamos até três dias de graça antes de começar a ser chamado para trabalhar, e muitas vezes o estabelecimento nem precisa de mais funcionários só utilizam esses três dias de graça e dispensam o estudante depois sem pagar um tostão.
Gostaria que tivessem leis e essas fosses rigidamente fiscalizadas para proteger os estudantes aqui pois somos vulneráveis e fragilizados aqui por não conseguirmos falar adequadamente a língua e precisar de dinheiro para nos manter.

Roberta Beltrão
BRAZIL 05/06/2015
  6.9 Reasanable

The city is nice. Nice beaches. Great for those who like surfing.
The cities are clean and safe.
Efficient public transport system.


Hard to find accommodation.
Hard to find job in the low season.

Andressa Hennies Jorge Leite
BRAZIL 04/03/2015
  9.4 Excellent



Public Transport

Yuri de Souza
null 27/11/2014
  7.9 Good

Beautiful beaches and very cool city.


Limited trading hours of shoppings, stores and public transport.

Pedro da Silva Rondon Junior
null 26/11/2014
  9.5 Excellent

The beaches.


Lack of jobs.

Aline Pacheco Lima
null 25/11/2014
  8.7 Very Good

Gold Coast is just perfect! Perfect for those who loves beaches, mountains, to enjoy the night, the day ... everything! It has options for all tastes! The cost of living there is not very high compared to other cities. An example of this is the fact that I lived in a super apartment, in front of the beach, in the city, not sharing with many people and paid on average $ 100 per week only. Another point that caught my attention is the fact that the people there is very friendly. Every time we needed information on the streets, people were super helpful and in the establishments even more! Something that was really good also was the fact that I have found a job super fast. In 2 weeks since I arrived, I was working in a Cafe. Then with the referrals, better opportunities (financially speaking) were coming up. Gold is amazing! Certainly would live there again !!


I don’t think Gold has many “cons”, but I will say a few things that in my opinion could be better. Not exactly happened to me, but many people I know who came out of high season, had more difficulty of getting jobs easily. And sometimes when they get the job, the places used to paid very bad. Another point that has not come to bother me exactly, but many people left Gold because there are a very young population over there. The transportation there is great, but I found it a bit expensive (not sure how it is in other cities). And last point not very good (for those who want to learn English) I believe it is the same in many cities not only in Australia but in many other countries, there are a lot of Brazilians living there. But is all about having focus, chose not to live with Brazilians, for example, and chose well your school before, because there are schools where 8 out of 10 students are Brazilian. Even with all I mentioned above, Gold was still perfect for me! =)

null 21/11/2014
  7.7 Good

As my intention was to get away from big cities, Gold Coast was the right choice.
It has everything you need, plus beautiful beaches and good English schools (I studied at Browns and really liked it).


I don’t consider as a “con” but a point of attention.
As the city has many Brazilian students you can spend most of the time speaking only Portuguese (I saw that happening there a lot).
Who really is interested in developing the language, try to avoid Brazilians who want to talk all the time in Portuguese.

Ana Paula Consolmagno Fett
BRAZIL 20/11/2014
  6.2 Reasanable

Beautiful place to live with nice people from Australia and around the world.


So hard to find a job in your area here, and I felt like some Australians have some prejudice about people from overseas. Another important point was about farm jobs to get the second Working Holiday visa. Terrible experience in a dirty hostel and like a slave job without any supervision of the government.

Solange Sheliga Villatore Pereira
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  8.1 Very Good

How organised the city is, everything well signalised and safe.


None, I liked Gold Coast a lot and I have nothing else to add in here.

Kim Borges da Fonseca Cotrim
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  7.9 Good

Very safe, many opportunities and few people, empty public transit and healthier life!


Few options for artistic and cultural diversity.

Pedro dos Santos Pereira
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  9.2 Excellent

Gold Coast is the one best city I’ve ever lived in my life.
It is beautiful, there are amazing beaches, parks, casinos, events, pubs and nice parties.
I really want to go back to Australia and live there again some day. =]


Unfortunately is not a city for people who don’t have much money.
The things are as good as are expensive, like the public transport and accommodation.

Camila Pinheiro Cardoso da Silva
BRAZIL 07/10/2014
  8.1 Very Good

So many activities to do and beautiful places to visit.
People are welcoming and the cost of life is very good compared to another cities in Australia.
A train line was constructed, which improved the public transport in the city.


It was hard to find a job, specially during the winter.
There are many Brazilians, and it is prejudicial to communicate in English.