Like several national capitals, Canberra is a planned city, with modern urban areas and beautiful buildings.

The city’s main attractions are the Government houses, stunning gardens and museums.

Parliament House

Parliament House is Canberra’s central point and for the Australians, it symbolises the country’s democracy. With iconic architecture, the building attracts local and international visitors.
There are organised tours of the building every thirty minutes, and those interested can attend a Congress session.

Parliament House Website

Address: Capital Hill
Canberra 2600 ACT

The Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial is one of Canberra’s main attractions. Its rooms exhibit war memorabilia and soldiers’ stories, and there are research rooms and a sculpture garden. The memorial pays tribute to those who died in the war and retains the history of the Australian participation in the war.

War Memorial Website

Address: Treloar Crescent
Campbell 2612 ACT

The National Museum

Australia’s National Museum is another cultural attraction of Canberra, and offers visitors interactive displays and modern exhibits on Australian history and culture.

Local art is also exhibited in the premises, which also has restaurants, theatre rooms and research centres.

National Museum Website

Address: Lawson Crescent, Acton Peninsula
Acton 2601 ACT

The National Gallery

Australia’s National Gallery has more than 100,000 art works and holds special exhibits throughout the year. The Australian art is represented by art produced by the Aborigines and the Torres Strait islanders.

The gallery also has art works from Asian artists, with an area specially designated for arts from India and the Pacific region.

National Gallery Website

Address: Parkes Place
Parkes 2600 ACT

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Following the tradition of Australia’s major cities, Canberra also has its own Botanic Gardens, with species of plants native to the country. The gardens also have a rock garden, eucalyptus discovery walk and its own rainforest.

Botanic Gardens Website

Address: Black Mountain, Clunies Ross Street
Acton 2601 ACT