Byron Bay offers a wide range of job opportunities. Most available employment vacancies in the city for students are in the hospitality area, including jobs as waiters, cooks and kitchen hand/assistants, hotel receptionists, shop assistants.

Stay tuned on WEST 1 TV; there you will be able to watch the workshops offered by WEST 1 to our students, to help them know more about the market, the skills and documents needed to find a job:

  • Working in Australia as a Babysitter
  • Working in Australia as a Waitperson
  • How to get a job
  • Workshop with professionals from specific fields
  • And more!

Remember: English language students on a student visa and with permission to work need to have an attendance of at least 80% of all lessons, otherwise their visas may be revoked. During the period of the course, students (on a student visa and with permission to work) may work up to 40 hours per fortnight, and for unlimited time during the holidays; however, it must be remembered that when students work and study at the same time, study is always the priority.