BBELS - Byron Bay English Language School

Byron Bay English Language School was established in 1998 with the aim of providing high quality English language tuition in a beautiful and natural environment and to compliment this educational experience with a range of activity options.

BBELS has helped thousands of students from many countries to improve their English skills. We are very proud of the high quality of our academic and support services.


  MY TIME AT bbels byron bay...

  • Bruna Silva Paixao

    Excellent infrastructure and committed teachers. Great location and interesting extra curricular classes. Great support to students in matters outside the school context.


    Educational material used is not the best. The division of student per level is not very well organised which results in the lower-level students disturbing those more advanced students.

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  • Milton Antonio Montenegro Junior

    Teachers, orientation, help, cafe.


    Crowded wireless.

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  • Bruna Carnaval de Almeida Maltoni

    Great educational quality, great teachers, great people. The environment of the school is funny, interactive and efficient. Without doubt it was the best choice of school in Australia. They give you all the support even after you finish your course.


    How I miss them.

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  • Solange Peres Barreto

    The school is very well located, close to the best shops and it's just 5 minutes away from the beach. Excellent nationality mix, Really well-qualified teachers and staff always willing to help with both your accustoming and simple doubts.


    I believe the only con is the way they divide the class times. We have so many breaks during the day.

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  • Brigida Vanessa Dantas Soares

    The teachers are sensational! The IELTS course is very good and I recommend even if you don't want to take the test. My english improved a lot after taking classes with Liese, the IELTS teacher. The Brazilian who works at the school is really friendly and provides great support with everything you need. In general the school offers a very friendly environment.


    THe General English course is a bit slow in my point of view, specially the up to intermediate level. The teachers from the upper intermediate and advanced levels make the students work harder. The student houses can be a bit of a headache. They are dirty and the school manages the problems in a childish way. I wouldn’t recommend if you are not a teenager or if you don’t want people giving you the talk for things you have nothing to do with. Feels like kindergarten. I recommend staying in a homestay until you find something on Gumtree or Rental Sleuth on Facebook. However there are students who stay in the student houses up to six months. This may not bother them.

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