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8 brisbane REVIEWS

Karen Gomes da Silva
BRAZIL 04/11/2015
  8.2 Very Good

The safety and tranquility of Brisbane.


Unfortunately the shops close early (around 4:30pm), so I don’t enjoy it much as minha class finishes by 4pm.

Guilherme Lourençato Franceschinelli
BRAZIL 09/05/2015
  7.9 Good

It’s beauty, the parks, safety and laid back atmosphere. In a nutshell,
I wouldn’t chose another city.
If I had to pick one city to live in Australia Brisbane would be the one.


Even though the public transport is good, there are frequent delays and after 7pm the number of routes running drops to half of the routes available during the day and after 10pm only the minority is available.
The routes running overnight does not cover all the suburbs.
There are not many supermarkets and drugstores open till late and in general most businesses close after 6pm.
Parties and get together with friends at the parks are cool, however no alcohol can be consumed after 10pm and in some parks not even before that.

Ana Silvia Santos Corazza
BRAZIL 03/12/2014
  9.0 Excellent

The city is clean, beautiful, easy to get around and with lots of entertainment.


Cost of living.

Rafael Aparecido De Oliveira Trento
BRAZIL 26/11/2014
  10 Excellent

I like Brisbane. It’s central, great to live in, reasonable prices for cost of living and other expenses. easy to get to the beach. Best State in Australia. Central hub of Queensland. Best weather. Good food. Lovely people. Transport timetables. Hot chicks. I love my girlfriend who lives here. I love the fair working pay rates.


Prices for transport, petrol prices, Campbell Newman.

Luan Ioris Morais
BRAZIL 21/11/2014
  8.9 Very Good

Espetacular city. No doubts, the best city to live in Australia within the places I visited. Medium size, but with everything that a big city can offer. Everything is so close. Very friendly city. Citizens are really happy. I would recommend to anyone.


I dislike the law about minors of 25 years old not be allowed to drive big cars, anyway, I had to dislike something. Another thing: price of alcoholic drinks is not so good.

William Meucci Valente
BRAZIL 20/11/2014
  8.3 Very Good

Beautiful city, not too much traffic and safe.


It could have more buses at night and more entertainment.

Aline Santos da Silva
BRAZIL 19/11/2014
  7.0 Good

Well organised and safe city.
Policemen everywhere.
Place where everything works (law and rules).
Direction signs everywhere.
Amazing parks and public areas.
Wide variety of shoppings, supermarkets, chemistries and banks.
Good pace of living and quality of life.
Entertainment with lower cost.


There is not enough public transport in the suburbs, the timetable over the weekend is limited and it is expensive.
For foreign people there is not good job opportunities or specific programs which would incentive the students to apply for jobs in their areas.
The cost of living is pretty high.
Health Care is the lowest point in my opinion, inefficient public or even private health care system, moreover it is very expensive and without access to specialised doctors.
Alcoholism is such a big problem in Australia’s streets.

Fernanda Schmidt Balerio
null 19/11/2014
  8.2 Very Good

The city is beautiful, organised and clean.
The locals are very polite and welcoming.
They don’t deny to help.


The only con is that the cost of living is very high.