SACE English Colleges

The South Australian College of English, the first SACE College, was established and accredited in 1987 and is one of Australia’s oldest independent English Language Schools.

SACE is proud of its worldwide reputation for excellence gained through many years of experience.


  MY TIME AT sace english colleges...

  • Fabio Tunin

    They keep a pleasant environment between student-teacher inside the classroom.


    This school only cares about money and never the student. They are used to dealing with children and think that all students are equal. They forget that students have their own goals and are no longer children. I remained on the same level for seven months, losing mroe and more motivation and when needing the coordination to fix this problem, the answers provided were unsatisfactory. As an example: not having enough space for high-level classes and in other cases, the teacher not forcing students to take a test and instead asking for presentations which students who copied theirs from the internet and read aloud in the classroom did better than me in,.  This was even after I had done all my research and presentation without reading and only with my knowledge and what I had understood of the research. I was totally upset with this school and no longer recommend it to anyone else and other friends. More than 10 of my colleagues changed from SACE to Kaplan.

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