In 2005, Danilo Lopes’ dream of opening WEST 1 came true. His aim was to open the best student exchange agency in Australia, the country he fell in love with in 2001, when he himself took part in a student exchange program. Today, WEST 1 is a leading company for exchange programs to Australia, and now offers personalised exchange services to Canada and New Zealand as well.

WEST 1’s philosophy is to have a young team that loves what they do and that has years of experience both in living abroad and providing personalised exchange services to clients and partners.

According to director Danilo Lopes, expanding to countries such as New Zealand and Canada is WEST 1’s first step to become the world’s leading student exchange agency. “We aim high, but we take one step at a time, always offering the best products, services and support in the market, and building relationships with our clients and partners based on trust.” Apart from English language, vocational and university courses in various educational institutions, WEST 1 also offers special-rate flight tickets for students, international health cover, accommodation, and airport transfers, advice and assistance on applying for a visa, pre-departure meetings, talks, workshops, support and more.

In a nutshell, WEST 1 provides its clients with all the tools they need to ensure they have unforgettable exchange experience in Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Choose your destination and get ready to go!


“Give each student / traveler excellence in counselling and support on the products and services related to the international education sector, thus contributing to their personal and professional growth.”


“To have a global presence with the opening of new branches worldwide, as well as a strong online presence, also adding new destinations to the portfolio and developing the team, products and services to exceed the expectations of customers and partners with professionalism, honesty and leadership”.


- Team work;

- Leadership;

- Personalised counselling;

- Commitment to quality;

- Integrity;

- Transparency;

- Honesty;

- Joy.